Monday, November 10, 2014


6 months don waka... we still dey carry go... nobody waka... nobody go solo... Baba God o... our case o na your grace o adupe o
I don't know why I sang that song, but I'm sure it's not far fetched.... so The Way Esther Sees It is 6 MONTHS OLD...... I don't know why I can't stop making a big deal of it, but DAMNNNNNN!!!! I did it, 6 months nonstop, no thoughts of quitting, 11,091 pageviews, and coincidentally, this is my 50th post.....

This post is quite long ooooooo...... but forgive me it's the anniversary spirit....
First of all, I want to thank God Almighty for everyyyyyything, from the wisdom and talent, to you my wonderful readers and commenters (my face lights up each and everytime I get a mail to notify me of a new comment ).
I want to thank God for giving me a supportive family....... Momc checks the blog everytime she gets a link then she shares it on BBM and Facebook, my Uncles of life, Uncle Jay- silent commenter, editor n critique all in one, Uncle Chuka, Granny checked the blog one time and she coukdn't find her way around so she called me to say her prayers *lol*, my ahmazing siblings....
I am grateful to God for giving me friends turned sisters, Ada n Otonye, these two have pushed me to do most of the things I've been wanting to do n scared to, these girls are equivalent to my spinal cord and they don't even know.....
I'm thankful for the great and supportive friends I have, Xris, Doreen, Ose'bolt, Ame, Seun, Ifueko, Osato, femi, Anu, Manny, Bisi, Titi, Kayode.... the list is endless, I could go on n on, for the Bae of life *blushes*,
Also, my blogsville family, everybody on TTT, Ernie, Moby, Funmi Reese, Olufunmi, tosyne, Duru, Amaka, Obiamka, et al....
Last but not the least, my aburo n school son, Jesufemi of Geeks Hall, for his contribution here....
May the good Lord bless all of you cos I can't thank you enough......
I promised I'd do an exclusive interview here today and I asked you guys to supply the questions..... I swear I almost backed out when I saw the questions, but I'm no quitter...... So legggggoooooo........
  • Can we know your full names?
My name is Nwaomu, Esther Nnedinma Tochukwu Oluwadamilola
  • How would you describe yourself if you could only use five words?
Intelligent, Fun, Sarcastic, Ambitous n Pretty
  • How old is Esther?
I'm 24 years old.... My next birthday is in March, so the gifts can start coming in, thanks
  • Does Esther have a LeBoo? If yes, when can we meet him?
Yes, I have a LeBoo, and he is a full-blooded male *eyes Shola who thinks I'm a lesbian*
*Bae!!!!!! they're asking if you're ready to meet them o... U don ready?* He said not yet, but in due time, he will.
  • If you were given the day off from all your everyday responsibiliteis, how would you spend it?
I'd sleep the day off..... then daydream for another long while *shines teeth*
  • When did you learn about blogging, and what inspired you to become a blogger?
Learn ke? I knew a few people that started blogs one time out of joblessness n stopped sha... does that count as learning?
Inspiration........ for a while, I had this habit of scribbling my opinions about discussions I had had previously, most especially the ones I could't air my views on.... along the line, I had a bad breakup and for some reasons, I couldn't get a rebound, so i woke up one morning and decided I needed a new baby..... and that's how The Way Esther Sees It was born.
  • How old was Esther when she tasted her first Adam's apple?
Biko, what is Adam's apple again? *tongue out* Anyway, I'm sure it was earlier than most of my mates.
  • What's your niche and why did you choose it?
It's Lifestyle and Reality.... I don't think I'd be able to do anything else o
  • What has been your major challenges or setbacks?
Will you believe me if I say I've not had any challenges? I'm just here having fun and telling you guys about my day and all, so i don't think I have my challenges.
  • Have you ever been in love, like really in love? Who popped into your mind when you saw this question?
Oghene bikoooo.... see kweshun o
I'm almost always in love o... I'm scattered like that.... but yes, I've been really really drunk in love. *clears throat* regards the name, I wouldn't want any brains exploding so I'll keep the name to myself..... But I can just write an open letter to the fellow o, who knows
  • Who are your blog gods/ mentors?
Emmy Collins of Diary of Emmy and Isio Wanogho aka Isio De LaVega author of Isio Knows Better on Bella Naija..... I literally pray everyday for them to check this space out...
  • How many times a week do you have sex? Ever kissed a girl? Sexual fantasies>>>>
Lmfaooooo.... Lawd!!! Gawd!!!!!
Well, the number of times depends.... presently, I've been celibate for a long while
Yes.... I kissed a girl and I hated it!!!!!
A gangbang *straight face*
That's about that........ Thank you all for the questions, I hope my answers satisfied you... Thank you and more years to us......CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hahaha so you kisssed a girl ba? you mama will hear this. Now i know you mixed Naija half cast. Half igbo, half yoruba

    1. Please don't tell her ooooo...
      I'm actually half Ibo n half Esan
      I was born in Ilorin n our neighbours added Oluwadamilola to my names and it stuck

  2. kissed a girl and hated it? Its adventurous, am gonna try that one day. I like amebo pls write the open letter joor, it will be fun to read. Congrats dearon the 6months of blogging. Am yet to put up a post on your award, pardonez moi.

    1. Mehnnnnnn babe after d kiss, I began to wonder why lesbianism exist? *clears throat*
      Hehehehehe.... I v no words on dat yet
      Thank you dear
      No problem you're forgiven

  3. Kudos mami! God bless the day I stumbled on your blog...I like it here.
    Erm, prolly she didn't know how to *bats eyelashes*
    I like your new header!

    1. Awwwwww... Thank you mami
      Biko it's not just for people like me

  4. Congrats babes, your best is yet to come! Dami of life! I am popping zobo on your behalf (I have been gulping lots of that lately) Anyways staying in the blogosphere for long is real big deal...keep it up

    1. Tosyne!!!! You really had to call me Dami abi?
      Please pass me some of d zobo too o
      Thank you dear

  5. Lmao! U hav been exposed! Girl kisser. Yet wen I wan 2 hug u u will b doin as if snake is comin. *yimu*

    1. Abeg it was an adventure, didn't u see d part of me hating it...
      Your case s different... you're a huggist/hugger u thrive on hugs na

  6. Awww. Happy six months anniversary to you dear.
    Ehn ehn! Abeg who asked that Adams Apple question? Afi Adams Apple naa. Hehe.
    I like you owning "pretty" jare.
    Tell Le boo not to be shy nah. We want to meet him.
    Wait! Did I see gangbang?lol.
    To be continued.

  7. Congrays! 6 months is noo joke! Keep on with the good work!
    Btw, check out my friends blog

    pls head over there!:-)

  8. Happy blogversary my dear Esther - Wishing you a thousand more years of blogging - You inspire me in so many many ways, girl. Lol @the interview - I thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of it. God bless x

  9. Happy 6 months anniversary kissed a girl? I will definately be calling your mum soon....that's if you drop her number hehehehe. More grease to your elbow swirrie...

  10. Congrats dear. All this questions sef.. give me your mum's no oh, lemme report

  11. Y'all be having fun at my expense o......
    Thank you allllll

  12. Congratulations on your blogniversay. Keep the flag flying. Your interview cracked me up. Gangbang??? Seriously??? Bad girl. Hehe


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