Saturday, February 14, 2015


Turn up it's the second entry in the J.B inspired 15-for-15 challenge..... My Woman Tales2 .aka. My Dear Diary series..... So sit tight, read, comment, share and enjoy.....

My current situation
Dear Diary, it's Feb the 14th again, one of my least favorite days of the year...... I have been trying to keep my "bitterness" in check and not drop this rant but I can't help it anymore..... so here it goes
I'm actually not a bitter person, but I honestly do not understand why there's so much fuss over a man that killed himself cos of a woman...... Nna eh, Apu that thing, it doesn't happen like that o....... I'm thinking of a perfect valentine scenario that involved or involves me, but none is coming to mind and so i've tagged myself WOMAN@NODATES.COM..... Other than the awesome valentines we had in secondary school and my only drunken spree sometime in 2009.... I can't remember caring about Feb 14th
Today was supposed to be presidential elections in Nigeria and for some annoying reasons, INEC decided to postpone it.... I had my day planned out; how I'd sleep to my heart's fill and then at about 5pm when the brouhahas of the elections would have reduced, I'd go to the cinemas to see 50 SHADES OF GREY...... Now all of that is cancelled..... I had to wake up early to help my cousin cook to impress a guy (gist for later) and then listen to everybody yap up n down about what they would wear and how they'd look and all d rubbish they could..... I can't go to the cinemas cos it's going to be full of color-coordinated couples staring into each other's eyes and swallowing tongues.... so I'm stuck in my room
I'm tempted to turn off my phones so I don't have to see display pictures of Chris staring into Alicia's eyes, or get a call from Bibi to tell me that Clara is engaged to Dwayne whom she met 3months ago...... I'm going on Instagram as #AntiValentine and any picture of a couple I see, I'm going to comment "Call me back baby"....... Now I'm done yapping

P.S: I'm running out of excuses for my absence lovelies..... I hope y'all just forgive me and bear with me.....Lohla, SHONTELLE is coming back on Monday, please come back now...... I'll try as much as I can to put up at least 3 posts next week.....


  1. #antivalentine??...loool..I am with you on that mamacita!...Howdy dudette!

  2. So if to say I get bae and you see my post for instagram na so you for pour sand full my garri. Chai! Woman diaris God o! LMAO! Funny enough I'm planning a post on the bitterness that I sometimes feel when I see pre-wedding photoshoot pics and all the valentines day cake, wine and gift posts on social media. I've learned how to beat back that bitterness though and a good rant goes a long way in helping.

  3. Aunty mi Dami you aint alone. Shebe u refuse to carry me to coldstone ntorr!

  4. Aunty mi Dami you aint alone. Shebe u refuse to carry me to coldstone ntorr!

  5. Haha, I love the thing you'll do on IG. Take it easy, gal!

  6. Diary of a Lagos single bae,don't worry your partner will locate you soon.

  7. All this people sharing bitterness... I'm always here babe xx. Btw, today is monday *shinesteeth

  8. hahahahahahaha you are so funny Esther babe, I took myself and a friend out and had fun regardless of the no boo state.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Blinks eyes repeatedly.
      Reads post again.
      Did I just see Duru offering to take Esther koko to go and watch 50 shades of grey?
      It cannot be.
      Lemme read

  10. Haha girl don't go and scatter someone love on IG, don't let Linda carry you oh.
    How have you been?


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