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Hello lovelies! How's your week been? Hope it's been good. If it hasn't, brighten up; it's finally Friday.
 Ehen... before I continue! Am I the only one that gets spam mails from Sir Gebriel to buy pills n creams for "my" penis enlargement? Lawd! It's annoying. I got six mails yesterday n I can't remember complaining to Sir Gebriel that "my penis" wasn't large enough.... worse of all, you can't cancel the subscription *whew*
Today, we'll be discussing a missing link, something that is very essential to our lives but somehow has gotten lost in the search of other things. I'm talking about FRIENDSHIPS .

Well, last weekend I hung out with big sister and hubby. Being the youngest around, I've been assigned the role of P.A, it pays well so I'm not complaining. Anyways, in the course of the outing, we visited an elderly couple. When we got there, I was regretting why I had gone with them at first, I mean, what could these elderly people have to say that won't be boring to my life? But DAMN!! Were they cool? They had all sorts of funny things to say and nothing was boring. Nothing at all.
While they discussed, they began to to talk about friendships in their days and friendships now. I got interested, and there came our post for today.
The example that struck me the most was wedding planning and friends. Our present day couple complained that while they planned their wedding, most of the people they'd usually hit their chests and call friends, were nowhere to be found, they weren't asking Jack to know how far planning had gone. The ones who could help out, like decorators, MUAs, photographers, had disappeared into thin air, and the ones who didn't, were simply claiming to be too busy to take them on, or they just wanted to cut their necks off with prices.
The elderly couple looked shocked as they related their ordeal. Immediately they stopped talking, the man said, "My best man bought my suit for our wedding day. My wife's brother supplied drinks for our wedding day. Three of my friends were our MCs, even though it was only one of them I asked. From the day we announced we were getting married, everybody we knew kept asking what we wanted them to do or what they could do to help out. It's not like we didn't have the money to foot the wedding, but that was the value of friendships." His wife continued, "My friend made me up, no charges. Everything I needed, I just had to say it, and someone had come through for me. You children of nowadays, only know how to spell, pronounce and write the words FRIENDS and FRIENDSHIPS, you people have no idea what those words actually mean."
I was nodding my head continously like an Agama lizard cos it was all true. The value and essence of friendship is lost in our lives these days.
The dictionary defines friendship as:
the state of being joined together by a common bond of affection, companionship
How then is there affection if the person who calls you friend needs you and you're not there? I'm not saying you should starve to feed our friends, and I'm not saying not to either: if the friend deserves it, why not?
But take this instance, my friend Moby is a MUA extraordinaire, and I'm getting married. I want her to make me up, of course she's going to charge me (that's if she doesn't do it free sef), but I think that if we are really friends, her little contribution to my wedding plans might just be her saying, "Oh babe! I charge 100k normally o, but because it's you, pay 70k. Plus I know this wonderful decorator, she'll give you a lower price if I introduce you to her." This might be her only way of proving that she's really my friend. To her, it might not have been anything.
Moby remember this o
 I don't know how it is for you guys, but I think that friendship is just a word we throw around these days.

When was the last time you reached out to your friends? When was the last time you called, (not SMS, EMAIL, OR BBM CHAT) your friends? When was the last time your friend needed something you had the power to give and you came through for her? When was the last time you were true to the real definition of friendship and friends?
I'm going to leave you guys to think it out and lemme know your thoughts on this, but I'll drop this with you: "Friendship has no greater meaning than this: a friend coming through for a friend in time of need."
So my dear friends,till I see you next time, Stay Beautiful and STAY TRUE TO FRIENDSHIPS.


  1. Esteri *in my thick yoruba accent* doing good yeah? *back to my Britico aaccent*
    Erm, you see, the things is what many of us tag friendship is mere acquaintance!
    Friendship is a form of relationship and you know how much we cherish and try to keep our relationships?!
    As for Amaka, she is Silican, she is loyal.
    See my first bestie is getting married in Dec and she asked for me to be on her train, bearing in mind that I didn't have plans to go to Lagos in Dec and I hate flying, I readily agreed because of I can't do it for her, who will I do it for?
    How is Esther today? I'm excited it's Friday!!! Cheers

    1. Amy baby *in onitsha market boys accent* ke kwanu
      Loyalty is important to friendship
      That's so nice of you...
      Esther is fine!! How are you doing?

  2. Yay! True talk, I think if you can tag someone your friend then you shouLd be able to do lil things. We should all appreciate what friendship is and stop being self centered

  3. Hiya mami.....I don't think I got lots of buddies tho'...I am fine with just my husband....Lately...I have realized that my husband will ALWAYS be THE ONLY FRIEND I have in this world.......I matter what you do for people..they have a way of reminding you that they are humans sooooo....Fam does it better than friend for me..

    1. Humans will humans... but even the Bible says that there's a friend closer than a brother... so sometimes friends become family to us

  4. You right oo, people only reach out for you when they want something from you. its like they just expect you to be fine all the time without asking and thats wicked. I am not perfect but aleast we all need a fried
    How are you my blog friend?

    1. It's the way of humans my friend!!
      I'm doing well! How are you doing?

  5. I can't remember ever having a friend asides acquaintances who are like clouds that disappear after a while.
    Anyway Jesus is the surest friend. He has always been there for me.


  6. Mannie!! I'm going to apportion ur space now!!
    We need friends either way

  7. Hey! I was going to write about friendship oh. Now that you have done it for us, can I steal it for my blog? Please please please.

    Oh, yes. I agree with all you said.

    1. Vira! Vira!! That can be arranged na! Just send a package from Coldstone n d post is yours....

    2. heheheheh So i see you a Cold stone lover too :)

    3. Yes na!! Life is way easier with a cup from Coldstone

  8. Am a newbie, your blog is nice. I have suffered in the name of friendship, before God sent me a wonderful bestie, then I realised that even family and bf can't beat that. Everyone needs a friend(s)

    1. Yaaayyyyy! Welcome Chioma! Hope you stay around...
      I think everybody has suffered in one or way or the other all in the name of friendship

  9. wow....this is a great post.....sincerely I have being lagging behind on reaching out to families and friends........thanks for this post


    1. Thanks Zoe... and I've been refreshing your page waiting for you to post something o

  10. Hallo Esther... what gwan? I for one believe that he word Friendship has become more of a cliche in our time than a reality. People just throw the word friendship everywhere like its an everywhere thing, where as it is supposed to be something deep, something true, and something sincere (just like the Oxford dictionary defines it). I can boldly say that I dont know If i have many friends.. What tha hell, i dont think i have any sef, but the thing about me is that i count sacrifices, sooo.. when you sacrifice for me once, I-O-U 1 and if you do it twice, I-O-U 2.. So on the long run i owe a lot of people.

    Friendship is a big word Bubba, and i think saying it when we dont mean it causes more harm than good... oh well welcome to the social media generation where things are said more than shown, over hyped and stored on selfies as against done in secret with the reward in heaven. Cheers Bubba :)

  11. Let us now therefore not jst b readers of dis post bt also doers of d ideals it talks about.

  12. Let us now therefore not jst b readers of this post bt doers of d ideals it talks about.


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