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Good afternoon my lovelies! Welcome to the new week.... How's Monday treating you? My Monday is terrible (thanks for asking).... So much accumulated work from my long weekend.....

So last week, after my last post, I dropped a question asking you guys to tell me a few lessons you've learnt over time; lessons you learnt late and probably wished you knew earlier. I also promised to get my lessons ready by my next post, which is today.... SO LEGGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my 25 years in life, I've had my share of all types of love; from crazy crushes, to unrequited love, to infatuation, to butterflies in the tummy kind of love.... my heart is large like that... lol
I have in the process of finding myself, learnt a couple of lessons in love, some later than I would have wished, others, just in the nick of time when I needed to learn that lesson. All the time I always wished there was some sort of manual to guide me each time my heart wanted to lead, but then what better teacher than experience do we have?
Here are a couple of lessons in love I've learnt overtime;
1) A person can only love you as much as you love yourself.
This has a whole lot to do with self esteem. I have come to realize that as long as you don't love yourself, nobody else can love you. No matter how beautiful or sexy you are, or how good you are in bed or in the kitchen, nobody can love you as much as you love yourself.  When it comes to loving you, you set the pace and others follow.
2) Love is more than the whole "butterflies in the belly" drama; Intense chemistry doesn't necessarily mean you're in love.
More often times than not, I have let people (who ended up treating me wrong) into my life because I got butterflies in the belly every time I heard their voices or saw them, and I mistook that for love (blame those Disney Cartoons for that). Simply because two people can complete each other's sentences or somehow tell what exactly is on the other person's mind, doesn't necessarily mean they're in love.
3) You can help who you fall in love with
We've heard this saying countless times, "You can't help who fall in love with", right? Now I realize that I only often used it whenever I was catching feelings for someone I had sworn myself off from, or someone with some character flaws I loathed. That said, I now know that falling in love is actually conscious so you can help it.

4) Two incomplete people will feel complete together, but it's their incompleteness that kills the relationship.
We are humans after all, there's only so much we can accommodate.
5)When you get rejected, you're being protected from going down the wrong path.
Do not push it... Just let it go.
6)A person can't give you what they don't have

My cousin said to add this; Love is overrated
I don't believe that's true but then he's happily married so I feel he might have a point there but I still don't get it. What do you think?



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  2. Esther,th fine bae I saw at shoprite lol.. howdy? Hope u watched the move tho. I agree with you when u say it their incompleteness that scatters it all.

  3. I agree with all your lessons. Still learning....


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