Friday, September 05, 2014


"I can't wait to love you, I promise I will be there for you... To my unborn child. Yeah..."
Written above are the lyrics to "To My Unborn Child" by Banky W featuring Lynxx  *drools*

I have totally unspiritual crushes on these two men and I'm sure y'all can see why cos if I start to list the reasons, 2017 will meet us here.
Anyway, to the matters arising that founded this post. I was in a cab and To My Unborn Child came on. As I was singing along, I began to wonder what my first words to my children would be. But Yours Truly, I don't know how babies are made yet here I am thinking of what to say to them. I tot I could say, 
"Hey there, thanks for making me feel like a watermelon, bloated and swollen for nine months waiting for you. Here you are with eyes like mine. Welcome to your life!"
But then I thought, why not write them a letter. A letter I'd hang over his/her crib and then read to him/her when I'm sure they'd understand. So here goes nothing:
Dear Child,
I've wanted you since I was like you and I'm glad you are finally here. I assure you of one thing, your life will be blissful so tell God thank you cos you just got the best bestest mom ever.
You probably should have been here earlier than this, but I took my precious time searching for a proper daddy for you. I didn't want you to grow up helping daddy draw his trousers up to cover his bum, sorry boxers or growing up with 1 million half brothers and sisters and possibly hermaphrodites cos your father always forgot his reproductive organ was supposed to be in his pants not someone else's. I also took my time grooming myself so that you'd have the best of life.
I however want to say thank you for making me feel like a large watermelon, swollen and bloated for months. That was a gift cos now I appreciate my size zero sorry slender figure better.
I promise you that all you'll know is love, happiness, joy and good health cos I already paid my dues for you.
However, I shall warn you in advance of my rod which I am not scared to use on you whenever you step out of the lines I shall point out to you as you grow.
Welcome to your life.
 Your Mother.

That didn't seem so bad, did it? Anyways, my mind is already busy cooking something else up. I'd gist you about that later. But till then, lemme just leave you with one more cute baby picture.
Until the next time, keep dropping your letters in the comments section.

You know I love y'all... XOXO 

Photo cred: @bellanaijaonline

                             @MI2PI Photography 


  1. Oh Wow....this is this is a very nice note....I hope you do get to read to him or her someday....nice read and nice blog...

    1. Awww... I hope so too... hope you've started composing your note to them... lol... Thank you! hope you'll come back for more

  2. aaaaw.... the little babies in the picture tho! I ALMOST caught baby fever lol


    1. Lool... I caught the fever already... Feel free to catch it

  3. Aww adorable! Those babes, so adorable

  4. There's more where those came from *winks*

  5. Aawwwwwww... Its so sweet. I likey. Really nice

  6. Mobyyyy!!! *cleans eye with iron sponge* is this you in the flesh? OMG!! I should report more people to Tibs then..... Welcome here *sets coke and beans for you*
    Thank you

  7. Awwwww bless you dear, what an awesome piece - I like! First time on your blog, and can I be honest with you? I LOVE it

    1. Awwwwww... Thank you! hope I'll see u more often

  8. That was a very nice letter to your unborn kid and very lovely photos too...

  9. Mahn I can't wait to have my baby. I say this everyday. Gosh <3

  10. My baby fever just went up! Your letter sounds just like what I'd write. Maybe I will just direct the baby to your blog when she gets here.


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