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Hey my lovelies, as well as the old men and women in here who have refused to be addressed as "lovelies" (hit the comments section lemme know what you want to b addressed as) *lol*
I got good news for y'all!! Are you ready???
Yeah!!!! So I got featured on Deolu Bubbles. Yaaayyyyy!!!! Otonye and Ada this is dedicated to you both!!! You know why!!! That's one o! Now to the second, I made a new blogger friend recently and its been a pleasure with her; she's Olufunmi of Lady Wannabe Blog!!!!! So if you're interested in getting sales bargains online, make-ups and makeup reviews, and the whole lot, check Lady Wannabe Blog . Now to what inspired this piece! She had a post on the 20 Random Facts About Me and I got tagged. It's a medium for readers to get to know their bloggers as we tell you guys about us. In  response to the tag, I'd have to drop a piece on 20 Random Facts About Me and then tag some other bloggers. So here goes nothing!!
20 Random Facts About Me 
1) I'm an internet freak!! I can stay online forever browsing God knows what. My subscription is never enough and everyday I curse MTN& co. for stopping unlimited BIS.

2) I love my phones so much!! I don't want to imagine what life would be like without them.

3) I hate draw soup with a very strong passion!! Anyone at all o! Be it okro, ogbono, ewedu, ujuju, etc. There's just something totally yucky about swallowing it that feels like slime (Eeewwwwwwww).

4) I can stay indoors forever and not feel bad about it. I enjoy my company like that! You will however, be surprised at the vigour with which I play when I'm outside or with friends, I'm even talkative with strangers and I wonder why I lock myself indoors sef.

5) I swear I don't like taking pictures maybe cos I know I'm not photogenic. I however, don't know how I happen to have 4,448 pictures of myself on my phone. "My camera is crazy in love with me" *shrugs*.

6) If I have to come to the world as an animal, I'd want to come as a duck. For reasons I'm yet to realize but I think their life is stress-free sha (My mum will knock my nose if she sees this).

7) I've been trying to add weight since like forever but the evil fat just stays put in my lower body leaving my arms skinny as ever (I'm quite sure my village people know something as regards to this). I'm also way smaller than my age. People actually greet my kid sisters properly and then wave at me like "How far?" I'm not bothered anymore sha, I just console myself saying, "Portable is the new sexy" *winks*

8) I hate stress so much ehn!! Don't call me lazy o! But I'd give anything to live a stress-free life. I hardly ever know what to do till its last minute cos I know thinking and contemplating is hardwork; plus fire-brigade decision making is the the bomb.

9) I hate dressing/ making up. My PJs and I have a working relationship.

10) I love football *grins* Hey Gunners!! What's up???

11) I'm too restless and impulsive for the good of the world. Ada keeps reminding to breathe.
12) I have the weirdest imagination ever. Sometimes, I'm scared of the things my mind cooks up.

13) I love reading ehn!!!! If you kidnap me, just make sure there are books there, I'd do anything you want.

14) I cry every time I read a Danielle Steel book, but she remains my personal best writer of all time. I'm so naming my first daughter after her.
My Danielle Steel Collection 
15) I don't have a favourite food. I can however die for soakies (garri, sugar, brown groundnuts, Milo and iced water). I can live on coke and junks for the major part of my life.

16) I think one of God's greatest gifts to womanhood are beautiful boiz/men. The likes of Zayn Malik, Banky W, Lynxx, DJ Xclusive, Trey Songs and my BAE *grins*.

17) I find it difficult to follow instructions; especially when it comes as a command, it just reminds me of my "terrible twos" and I just want to scream "No" incessantly. Call me disobedient if you like *tongue out*. I'm working real hard to change this anyway so don't judge me.

18) I hate injections, drugs or anything that reminds me of the hospital! Forget I studied Medical Biochemistry o, I know the morale boost I need to swallow one tablet of Panadol.

19) I have a short temper and more often than not, I might come across as mean or cruel even when I don't mean to. But I really am a sweetheart.

20) Most times I wish I were a boy.

BONUS: I hate horror movies.

I can play games forever...

                 I hate animals. Be it insects or whatever, as long as it isnt
       isn't human. I hate humans at times sef.

I'm a very impatient person...... I hate waiting.... I can't stand sluggish, slow or whatever people.

      I dislike mushiness!!!!!! Ada and Afam, I love you both but I'm sorry *tongue out.

*whew* In the beginning, I thought I wouldn't be able to list 10 facts but along the line, I found myself adding 3 facts together and deleting some things so I wouldn't pas the 20-mark.
Now!!! I'm tagging the following bloggers. If you get tagged, proceed to your blog and do the same. If you didn't get tagged feel free to tag yourself.

So my lovelies, what do we have in common? Hit the comments section already... can't wait to read your comments. If you haven't sent in your adverts, do that  from here.


  1. Lovely write you and good writing skills dear bowever I am not a fan of reading books.
    By the way I would send you snake in a box and I'm sure you would collapse immediately you see it.....#lol. I like animals and some of my favourite channels are Nat.Geo.Wild and Animal Planet.
    Alos, keep getting fat around your lower body;that is why Icall you Miss HIPS#winks#.
    I am also one of the greatest gifts of God to womanhood...#smiles#.

    1. Thanks dear!!
      Please don't send me anything o! I won't even open a mail from you cos u've said this...
      Awwwwww... Really? Thank God for His good gifts then *smiles*

  2. Nice post...... I'm certainly coming back for more

    1. Oh! Thank you!! Looking forward to seeing you here

  3. *smug smile * my own inside the matter is my name dat I saw so na u come sabi *tongue out*.... and d right amount of mushy from d right person is a good thing...imagine if banky was all mushy on u...*winks*

    1. See ur life!!! Trust me I'd change my name to Mushy; but since that's never gonna happen, I still dislike mushiness

  4. loool.. duck, I'm also an arsenal fan but a passive one.. twas nice reading about you :)

    1. Don't let my mom see dat one o... I knew we'd have that in common lol
      Same way I felt reading about you too

  5. Nice write ups! Nnedinmma... keep writing we reading! *winks*

  6. Hey Kiddo,
    Nice write up. I always look forward to your weekly dose of random (and sometimes crazy) musings.
    I'm sure I can add at least 25365321 other things to that list of your (but for security reasons, we will keep it in house).
    Keep up the good (and sometimes, crazy) work.

  7. I love staying indoors( I love My bed too much)
    I love reading but Sidney Sheldon is my man!
    I'm Darn lazy
    You want to get fat And you're taking soakies? Ride on

  8. Very interesting questions nne! I'm so addicted to my phone just like you. Daniel Steel used to be my favourite author, but, now I;m loving Barbara Taylor Bradford and I think she should read her books -0 she writes so beautifully. I hate injections but I do not mind giving patients injections (Lol, I'm so evil)

  9. Duck? Really duck? Hahahaha.
    You hate horror movies? No way. At this point, we have stopped being friends. Bye....beg me

  10. Hey, why is Idris Elba not on that list?
    I hate injections, I love to read, I would choose to come back as a rabbit. I have no idea why.

    Interesting facts about you...


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