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Good morning ..... I swear I don't know what to address you my lovely readers as anymore.. People have been threatening to have my head if I address them as lovelies again! So as you read, don't forget to tell me what you think I should call you guyz... I almost didn't
post o, cos I didn't wake up in a new bugatti *sad face* but I couldn't disappoint, so here I am...
Few posts ago, I talked about feminism, and here I am about to talk about faux feminism... it's weird shey? I know!! We all know that feminism is a doctrine that preaches gender equality in all areas of life, right? Now I've noticed that the same women who claim to want to be equal to men all the time, and keep chanting "what a man can do, a woman can do better" also want things to be handed to them on a platter of gold, that's contradictory right?
How is it possible that you want to have the same jobs as men, do the things men do, and all, yet you want to be treated preferentially cos you have boobs? 
This is the reason I love the forces, the minute you sign up to be part of them, your gender drops and you are addressed under a collective name. I remember when I got into camp and the OBS guys addressed us as Ladies and Gentlemen corps members, and a soldier corrected them immediately that we should all be addressed alike as Gentlemen corp members afterall we had the same uniforms on.
My friend came back from somewhere complaining bitterly about the inhumanity of man to man and I was already cleaning my shotgun preparing for war, I remembered I didn't know what I was going to fight for, so I asked what had happened. She said 7 of them, 4 guys and 3 ladies, all in their NYSC uniforms, were standing by the roadside under the scorching sun, flagging down cars for free rides. A car finally stopped but had space for 4 (they didn't know this anyway). The guys started to sprint towards the car while them ladies were busy swaying their wide behinds. When the four guys got into the car, filled up the 4 extra spaces, the driver drove off leaving the ladies behind. My friend's pain was that the driver and the guys were wrong, abeg is that true?
To me, neither the driver nor the guys did anything wrong. The driver simply used the "First come, first served" method, one we should employ more often in Nigeria. The guys were simply trying to survive. 
If you think they did wrong, then you probably are one of the contradictory people I'm referring to. The ones who still live in the era of getting everything easy cos of the "ladies first" slogan. IMO, this is double standard. Society has made women out to be more fragile than they really are.
I'm not asking the guys to stop being gentlemen o! Brothers! Please still open doors for us and pull out chairs and all those sweet things that make us love you *kisses* Ladies, I'm just saying you can't eat your cake and have it.
So dear readers, what's your take on this matter? Hit the comments section please.



  1. I'm guilty of but your right Esther i can't eat my cake and have it

  2. Hahaha...Mami you are funny....mami...seriously...I don't understand us really....okay so you wanna say...'what a man can do, a woman can do better' and at the same want a guy to take off his coat to keep you does pneumonia know gender??? yeah....if you wanna be a feminist....oh sure..go right ahead....buh don't expect guys to 'remember' that you are a lady in certain circumstances.....waddup mami..

    1. I don't either... the double standard is disturbing...

  3. I support your views meh! So true, we wanna eat our cakes and still av it.

    1. Thanks and welcome... hope you'll come around more

  4. Esther you are so funny..seriously. But you hit the nail right on the head. Nice one mami

  5. Unfortunately, you cannot eat your cake and have it, Esther. It's unbelievable how some women contradict themselves - I have given up nne

  6. *abosi cough* ester hmmmmm.... I won't talk just visit my BLOG but u are right sha

  7. Replies
    1. Babes! This post na since friday na, When should we expect a new one?
      How is Ph?And d photo shoot,how did it go?

    2. Babes abeg send me a mail ASAP so we can talk o


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