Friday, December 12, 2014

I couldn't think of a proper title for this post so I'm just going to leave that title bar blank. I want to share a lil story with you guys, STORY, STORY.........
For a while, I've known that I would like to write for people. I've always dreamed of having BellaNaija or some big sites publish my writeups. But when I started Blogging in May, someone suggested I submitted my writings to Bella Naija and I cringed. I couldn't explain why I cringed to them, but deep down, I wasn't sure I could cope with the pressure of people scrutinizing my work, and the pressure of deadlines, so I dismissed it.
Sometime in November, I saw an opening for a Blogger/ Social Media Expert and I was like "of course I can do this" as well as run my blog and work comfortably. 3 days later, they called me for a phone interview which went well, we discussed pay n all and I was optimistic I could make it work. About a week later, they called me back and they wanted me to start the job. When they started listing my job descriptions, I just kept giving excuses why i couldn't do some things. Fortunately for me, the guy was very understanding and that's how I was able to change my job description to suit my niche. Almost immediately, I got a mail and in it was my contract and employment letter, as I opened the mail, I felt my writing spirit fly off and I just assumed it was the excitement of getting what I always dreamed of.
By the next day, I couldn't even put 2 creative sentences together, when I tried to force it and I wrote whatever it was I wrote, my friend Ada just laughed after reading it and said, "Babe, which person work you go copy? It doesn't look like what you'll write while you're sleeping sef." so I decided to push writing to the next day. I waited for a week to finally send the acceptance mail, and they needed me to do 2 reality posts a day. That didn't sound so difficult after all, but I still couldn't find anything creative inside of me. After two days, I called my employers and I told them I wanted to quit; thank God it was over the phone cos I'm pretty sure they'd look at me weirdly. One of them then called me back and asked why I wanted to quit, and I came clean to him. 
The pressure was killing my creativity. I wanted to be able to write freely without fear of missing a deadline or not meeting an editor's requirements. He said he understood and hung up. A while later he called back and asked if I would like to work freelance with them, like once a week, whatever I wanted and I didn't have a deadline; I was like "Hell yeah" and immediately I was feeling like I could conquer the world once again. I picked my pen and everything was flowing unbarred.
On Monday, I got a mail that they had published my first freelance post here;



  1. Oooh Esther this is soo touching, do you know I haven't sent them the resume you told me to because I was going through the same thing. Am going to rad your post straight away and send my rsume. Thanks for doing this, God bless and don't worry you will kick ass.

  2. Oh wow!...I read your post on that blog and it was pretty nice...buh you know, it's good that you know what works for you tho'....Good one mami...

  3. Well done mami Dammy, I read it the day was posted, well articulate and you are an awesome writer. I told you we have to publish danielle's list and I know you will make it happen.
    *covers face* Lol me I never send dem anything o, exams no lemme.

  4. Great post; a very big congratulations on your new job. You were very honest with yourself during the application process and that is key.
    Christmas Giveaway on my blog; stop by to check it out.
    Have a great week.

  5. First of all I don't talk like dat 2ndly dis is a good's only gonna get better frm now on. congratulations boo boo

  6. Congratulations mami. I trust you hunnnn.. You'd be fine and I know you will do greater things. I love you *mwaaah*

  7. I'm in the same shoes as Chioma, iim sure you would be great so go show em what you can do.


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