Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hello my lovelies!! Happy Midweek!! Happy Adverts Wednesday!!! Our feature today is Purple Iris Accessories.
I know I've been the best host *wide grin*. I've brought you features from all around the world... lol... I seriously hope y'all have been calling them to purchase things o... else, *borrows Tibs' bazooka* I shall find you and kill you force you to buy things.
Purple iris accessories are jewellers involved in bead making and wireworks. We make beads for various occasions including weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies e.t.c.
To get any of these beautiful pieces for me, yourselves, your mum's, aunts, sisters and guys for your girlfriends, contact Purple Iris Accessories here:

Contact Number: 08134603651
Email Address:
Instagram: purpleiris_accessories
I'm sure y'all are "oohing" and "awwing" over the beautiful pieces. Oya start calling Purple Iris up o!!

Till I "see" you next time, remember I love you.


  1. Oh dear, why are you fuelling my addiction with accessories? It is not fair ooh, lol

  2. Oya call them up sharp sharp as e dey hot o

  3. Grr.....Obiamaka...I was supposed to be first to comment lah.....hehe....**cocks shotgun** gimme me back my bazooka Esther...I mean...first it was moby....I had to send mercenaries to her blog to get my damn you.....Just so you my head..I have a black/red/blue/white/yellow/green belt in Taekwondo.........mami...these are lovely neckwears....

    Tibs Tells Tales

    1. Obiamaka!! Why did you comment before Tibs na? See now she wants her bazooka back!! *sad face*... But Tibs o, how will I visit TTT and not take souvenir, ehn? abeg leave it for me o... I know right, just get one for me too *shines teeth*

  4. Replies
    1. I like them too... please buy for two o


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