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Good day lovelies...... I know y'all have finally forgiven me so I'm here to prove to you that you didn't make a mistake *shines teeth*
Welcome to SERIES TUESDAY...... Our discussion is headed by the one n only Amy Baby of Seyon Hudeyin's Blog and we'll be discussing Jealousy.... so sit tight, read, learn, share, n most importantly, ENJOY!!!!!
The emotion of jealousy is one of the seven negative emotions listed by Napoleon Hill, the others being: the emotion of fear, the emotion of hatred, the emotion of revenge, the emotion of greed, the emotion of superstition and the emotion of anger.
The urban dictionary defines jealousy as

 "the feeling of being threatened by a rival in a romantic relationship on losing something of value to another person which happens to be yours already"

I know from my little experience on earth that jealousy is not only linked to a romantic relationship like the urban dictionary stated so I checked further.
Merriam Webster dictionary defines jealousy as
"being intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness, a. Hostile attitude towards a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage".
Now, I'm very sure we all have experienced jealousy at some points in our lives, give or take but for the purpose of this post, I'll like to categorise jealousy into three.

  1) Jealousy in friendship
Jealousy has the power to ruin  friendships if it is not kept in check.
I remember when I was in the university, I had this particular friend who was consumed by the green eyed monster. If I bought a new dress, she'll buy two, same with shoes etc. It seemed funny to me because she was in was a rat race with herself not me and I really felt for her but hey! *shrugs*
The truth is y'all can bear me witness that even the best of friends can get jealous of each other at all times especially if they are both going after similar things in life, I've been there and I'm sure you have too but the good news is that you have to realise that you are two separate individuals who will make his/her own way even if you have the same goals in mind after all the Bible said;
 "I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor favour to men of skill but time and chance happeneth to them all" - Ecclesiastes 9:12.
Allowing jealousy to seep far into your mind and heart will only rob you of happiness and if you look at it, most times when we feel jealous, self esteem is involved as poor self esteem is the chief cause of Jealousy.
Instead of getting jealous of your friend's achievement, why not use it as an inspiration to having a better life?
2) Jealousy in relationships.
I've heard it over and again that it is normal to exhibit a lil jealousy in a relationship but since jealousy is a negative emotion and like Napoleon Hill stated that

"the presence of a single negative in your conscious mind is sufficient to destroy all change of constructive aid from your subconscious mind".
 There are 1001 ways to show that you care other than exhibiting jealousy.
Without trying to brag or sound modest, I honestly cannot remember exhibiting jealousy in all my relationships, past or present; it doesn't just work for me.
I had a close pal whose boyfriend banned her from having body contact with guys (hugging, shaking, etc). She didn't have a life as he was practically everywhere she was, the only time she could breathe was when she was sleeping, each time I told her To break up with him as he was destroying he life, she would remind me of all the hours of sex she had given him *sigh* I think he knew I didn't like him so he told her I was a bad influence *I'm digressing*
Snooping, keeping tabs on your partner's movement will only give you high blood pressure my dear! Why date someone you do not trust in the first instance?
A dangerous form of jealousy in relationship is morbid jealousy in which the object of contention is sexual infidelity with no claims 99% of the time (imagine). Here, one partner holds. The delusion that their partner is unfaithful. People who Suffer from morbid jealousy stalk their partner and forms of morbid jealousy are obsession and delusion.
Jealousy is not a form of affection, don't be deceived!

.........to be continued..........
My lovely lovelies, I hope y'all learnt a thing or two from Amaka's post o. Please jealousy is evil, don't let the devil use you o.....
Till the next time I see you, stay Beautiful and Handsome& Don't Be Jealous


  1. Yay!...FTC!...lol...At some point I should be able to scream that eh...hehe...Okay...Jealousy?....I don't really get it...It is one emotion I hardly have to deal with....I mean...why be jealous bout someone when you can aspire to be better than that the person??....I mean...why?...besides...in my books, I really don't care for what anyone has or who anyone is.....I am my OWN person on my OWN path....**shrugs** My opinion tho'

    1. You are allowed to scream first to comment don't worry
      Jealousy is evil and most times, it's common with people who have low self esteem

  2. Replies
    1. Why you come dey shout for my blog sister

    2. Because err...because I got featured *dancing sekem*

  3. True words. Bt in d context of romantic involvements let's not mistake profound interest in ones partner as jealousy and nonchalance for trust.

    1. Sure, there's a big difference between nonchalance and trust

  4. AAH i see i am next ooo. What will i write about? hmmm. Thank you Amaka

  5. That negative emotion called jealousy is actually cancerous! It's beyond me why someone gets jealous of others. You should forget othrrs and focus on yourself - be the best person that you can be!

    1. It is totally cancerous.... and it's difficult to control once it starts

  6. I hardly get jealous,like hardly, I don't see the point joor. Nice post babe.

  7. Jealousy usually stems from insecurity. Great job Amaka


    1. You're right Diva... When am I getting your guest post o?

  8. It amazes me how Amaka always makes sense.. She such an eloquent writer. This was indeed quite an inspiring read, filled with high amount of knowledge. Truly Jealousy destroys more than it helps build, so i have learnt that its often better to focus on ones cause at the same time appreciating GOD'S blessing on another, than allow jealousy control us. My Blog mother janylbenylshares.com taught me that letting Jealousy grow in our hearts can lead us to become monsters.. I loved this post, it was full of wisdom... Nice one TeamAmakaEsther.

    1. Duru Bubba, after all this long epistle, no forget to send your own guest post in o
      Thanks for stopping by boo

  9. Jealousy is as a result of low self esteem and insecurity. It could also be as a result of greed, (wanting what others have when you know you can't afford it at the moment)
    Rather than get jealous, focus on being a better you jare.... Nice One

    1. Thank you CuteAngel, you've said it all


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