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Hallos my lovelies.... How you all doing? It's Thursday already, next thing we know it's the end of January.... But thank God anyway.
So today, we have a guest post from my dear Ernie Tibs of Tibs Tells Tales. We've been having guest posts from some selected bloggers on this post. This bloggers feature should have been over with before the 31st of December o, but you see, I need to carry cane and flog some people first before they submit. Anyroads, I had to bribe Ernie, in fact I had to threaten to steal Lil Sean from Lil Ernie before she produced this post..... 
Now that's here, sit tight, read, comment, share, learn, and most importantly ENJOY....

Hiya everyone! How are you all beautiful people doing? **claps hands**So, my name is Erniesha and I am a …… I dunno how to finish that sentence. Okay! So Esther bullied me into being her guest writer. (Bullied sounded better in my head) I thought of a topic and I couldn’t come up with anything. As I type this, I am watching a TV series ‘Atlantis’ and there is something fascinating bout the storyline buh I won’t be talking bout it. Now, there is something bout horses I just noticed. Think of this --- You saddle a horse, you get on it, you ride him to a battle front and then you ride him straight into the enemy line. Do you know that these horses see the battle infront of them??..... buh guess what? They still run into it with as much speed as they can. I mean, they keep going! The moment you say ‘Haa!’ – that is it for them! They just keep going! Don’t get it wrong tho’, they are NOT stupid. They are animals that believe in ‘going forward’ no matter what! I am not comparing animals to humans rather, the instincts in adversity. (animals and humans both have fear in them)
Let’s come back to us humans, We humans fear what we don’t understand. We hate anything life-threatening. You rarely see a human being walk into danger willingly. Now, I am a race drifter. I did my basic training and did a lil test and I passed. Lemme tell you a lil of what this test is bout, legally, unless you are on a race course, you can’t go above 120 here. For my test, I had to go 7 rounds at a speed of 170 and above in a racecar that had its engine pimped. I had my instructor with me buh I can tell you this, with all the protective gear I had on and the barricade in the racecar, I was scared shitless. I mean, no matter what, this is my life on the line. After the race, because of how fast I was going and the helmet and everything in the car, I was choking up. I couldn’t breathe well for almost 30 mins. See, it wasn’t a do or die situation buh I was still scared right? Now imagine, if it was… What is my point???  (Hold that thought)
As far as I am concerned, NOBODY/NOTHING can bring ANYONE downUNLESS you let them. This race in life, sometimes, doesn’t give you much of a choice buh to actually run. Some people walk and some people jog and it works for them buh for some, they just gotta run. Naturally, Life is a race…we all gotta run buh when in time of adversity, some of us give up, some of us slow down and some of us just take a really long pause. We all react differently in time of trouble. The MOST important thing is DON’T LET ANYTHING or ANYONE make you stop your race. You gotta be like a horse and keep going! The troubles in life are just like the hurdles that athletes gotta jump over on a racetrack to get to the finish line. You don’t see an athlete stop just cuz of the barrier or go round the barrier….NOPE!They jump over it!
So to anyone reading this, 2015 is a new year. Things will happen. You have a choice to either let it determine the way your life’s race is gonna be OR you can become a horse in your head and mind and jump over those hurdles like an athlete.
That’s all I got for you guys.
Erniesha Out!
Uhh and who is gonna buy me a private jet?...Did I mention I got a bazooka?...Muah!
You see, I know very intelligent people o, meanwhile Mami, you still owe me a phone call o. 
So my lovelies, Ernie is out and I'm going out too, but ama leave you with this: NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DICTATE HOW YOUR LIFE'S GOING TO BE ONLY YOU HAS THAT POWER. 
And in Koker's voice; Ilekun aa shi, ishe owo mi, faalubarika si, everything we dey pass htrough right now, e go turn story, WE WILL ALL BE RICH. That's the hook of M.I's RICH from his Chairman album.... Gaan grab your copy when you're ready.

Till I see you next time, Stay Beautiful& Handsome


  1. Yes, life is a race that we should commit to God's hands because the Bible says the race is not to the swift...

  2. Ernie this post is matter what i'll keep going forward.
    Hi Esther :)

  3. Yay!!!! She dropped them post...Mami..I know I owe you a call gotta bear with me..I wanna call you when Mofaya is around buh that sucker seems really busy lately....**sigh** Love mi some Esther...and **whispering** I do need that private jet mehn!!!!

  4. Adeolu Akingbade8 January 2015 at 18:38

    I am a big fan of Tibs blog but I dont know why I cant comment there. This post is talking to me directly. 2014 was very rough for me and I am hopping for a better 2015. I am going to keep forging ahead like a horse. It is not easy sha but the lord will be my muscle. Nice post tibs. I hope to join your blog soon so that I can buy you a private jet.

    Adeolu Akingbade

  5. Nice post Esther. Yes you re ryt. We nid to kip movin lyk horses. My first tym here and am lovin it!

  6. I don grab my copy teytey. Nice post from NIESHA



  7. Good job, Tibs. Thanks for spreading your wisdom. :)

  8. All I see here is Esther and Ernie trading Sean for a post! Isokay oh my God in heaven will judge the two both of you...
    Ernie did it again with another deep post. Ilike

  9. Very interesting read!
    "DON’T LET ANYTHING or ANYONE make you stop your race." Spot on!!!

  10. There is this thing my mum used to say, you don't stop until you getto your destination, if not you keep running. Nice one Ernie.
    Esther dear how are you doing?

  11. Thanks ever so much for this beautiful piece Tibs - what a clever young lady you are! I refuse to let anything or anybody stop make race ooooo. Once again, thanks!

  12. Really intelligent post. No one can put you down...nice one Ernie. Bookmarking this page now

  13. It's a wake up call that you are the only person that can make yourself better. As far as you remain focused. Its an inspiring write up. Thumbs up tibs


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