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Happy weekend my lovelies!!!!! Saturday post right at you..... Hope you're enjoying your Saturday well well o? I am enjoying mine already o!!!
Shey you remembered I promised to give you posts from my blogger friends? Well, we're starting with that now, and the first one is from my blog mother Olufunmi of Lady Wannabe Blog . It's a beauty post so y'all berra gather round and learn o if you don't want your skins to wrinkle o.....

Hello everyone I'm Olufunmi and I'm so happy to be writing a guest post Esther and her lovely blog.
Today's post will be about skincare. Skincare is one of the most important steps in beauty in my opinion, it's skin first then makeup later. A basic skincare routine involves four steps cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize.. Let's get into the do's and don'ts.........

DO- Use a facial wash/cleanser, the main benefit of facial cleansers is help cleanse the skin of any dirts. There are several cleansers for various purposes (acne, blackhead, oil free). Be sure to look for the one that suits your skin concern the most.
DON'T- use a bar soap on your face. Yes!!! soaps can clog pores which can also cause you to breakout;

DO- Exfoliate once or twice a week, this will help remove dead skin and refreshen the skin. For exfoliation, try using a facial scrub or mask.. There are also some fun DIY mask/scrubs that works fine.
DON'T- Use a sponge on the face. Okay, there are some sponges meant for the face but those bath sponges aren't one of those. The skin on the face is soft and sponge can make it rough, if you need extra cleansing you can get a facial brush.

DO- Use a different towel for your face. Also, when drying the face use patting motions. Try to avoid rubbing the towel all over, it is believed that this can cause wrinkle (well.. I don't have wrinkles but I wouldn't want any sooner than expected)
DON'T- Use your body towel for your face. Your face and body should have their own towels, there a lot of germs/bacteria on a body towel transferring them to the face might cause more harm to the face.

DO- Use a toner to help balance the skin ph. After cleansing, the skin can get dry, so toners can help moisturise and balance it up.
DON'T- While rubbing on your toner, try using a patting motion so as to avoid moving germs around the face.

DO- Use a facial moisturizer. Facial moisturizers can vary for different purposes. Do find one that suits your skin needs.
DON'T- Use a body cream for the face. Using a body cream for the face can clog pores, which in turn may cause you to break out.

Ok.. there it is, my skincare routine do's and donts, to be clear I'm not a dermatologist or skin expert but these tips are things I've learnt over time and they have helped improve my skin and I hope one or two people reading finds them helpful.

Thank you Olufunmi for all these tips... I actually had no idea of any of these especially the soap and cream things.
My lovelies, I hope y'all learnt a thing or two o.... Other bloggers, I'm waiting for your guest posts oooooo! Don't lemme start stalking you o.

So till the next time I see you again, Stay Beautiful& Handsome and TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN.


  1. wait, we shouldnt rub cream on iur face? hia! i did not know that

    1. My sister, I didn't know that either o

  2. Lol. Bikoo, some people will say use body cream, some will say don't use body cream. I don't even know which to believe anymore.
    Same with the exfoilating thing, some will say 3 x a week, others will say everyday.

    On the towel for face thing, I don't even bother drying my face at all. I just let it dry off on its own

  3. I have heard the sponge one before but soap and cream is new.

  4. Hian, but I think I read on Funmi's blog that she used one papaya soap on her face? Thanks for the tips sha but I think some of us that are pako do these and it works

    1. haha! I should have been specified, most natural ingredient soaps can be used for the face plus there r some soaps for the face too.. I was talking about toilet bar soaps and the rest.. I do use papaya & black soap on my face

  5. Kai. I have this sponge I use for my face to exfoliate...abeg is it part of the things I shouldn't use for my face cos at this juncture I am

    1. I'm talkin about the regular body sponges those rough ones... there are some loofahs for the face too

  6. Skincare is paramount - very helpful tips I must say. What I do is moisturise my skin regularly and I drink lots of fluids - it works for me, and people say I look much younger lol.

  7. Oh so helpful! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  8. mehn! a nigga doesnt have time to follow all the procedures ooo @esther.

    i cant even try.

    how r u doing? no new post?


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