Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello my lovelies….. Happy Sunday; I hope y’all went to church today cos I did.
I spoke to Moby yesterday….. She hasn’t been feeling too well and she took a break from blogging without MY permission; CAN YOU IMAGINE? Anyway, Le Boo has been taking proper care of her and I spoke with him yesterday too. Le Boo aka DON P has promised me 3million naira, he said I can pick the money people spray them at their wedding to make up the 3m…. hehehehehe
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Over the week, I watched the video film of To my Unborn Child by Banky W and Lynxx (double dose of hawtness and mannnnn). You remember that song inspired my Letter to my Unborn Child, well Banky couldn’t have written that video film better…. It was like he took the idea out of my head and produced it (we may be soul mates you know). In other words, the video film was ahmazeballs……
To the aim of the post; with February 14 drawing closer, I have a few questions I may be needing answers to as regards the campaigns and elections. Sorry, if you didn’t know before, INEC decided to make us show love to the ballot boxes by fixing the presidential elections on St. Valentine’s Day.
  • WHY DO WE HAVE POLITICAL PARTIES? With all the drama going down, from the campaign ads n co, I have been able to deduce that political parties are as good as safe towers for hoodlums to hide in. I mean, why do we have to talk about voting APC or PDP in, Na APGA wan dey rule Una? Is LP an individual? So why have I been hearing things like; abeg I no fit vote PDP for Delta state, go vote APC for presidency? IMO, I wish we didn’t have these political parties. I wish we voted our leaders in based on their individualities and not these umbrellas and masks called political parties.
  • WHY IS BUHARI’S CERTIFICATE, OR THE LACK OF IT, SO IMPORTANT? If my records are correct, this is Buhari’s 4th time of contesting for presidency. Did he not submit certificates then? If he didn’t then and it wasn’t deemed important then, why is it now? If he submitted then, where are they now?

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  • WHY WOULD YOU BE VOTING? So, in my dreams, I’ve dreamt of a FAIR Nigeria. A Nigeria that is UNBIASED. You see, I am tired of hearing things like; he’s a southerner like me, he’s a Muslim like me: I’M SO DONE WITH THAT ERA. There’s no brotherhood in discrimination, and the minute we decided to differentiate southerners from easterners, and Muslims from Christians, there brotherhood ended. If your blood brother can stab you to death over a parcel of land, how then are you so sure that a man you call brother all in the name of tribal similarities won’t stab you? So yeah I’m asking: if you’re voting for GEJ, are you voting him cos of the religion and tribal similarities, or cos he can deliver? If you’re not voting GMB, is it cos he’s not from the same tribe with you or cos he doesn’t worship what you worship?
  • WHAT’S WITH THE EXCESSIVE PETTINESS& INCITING STATEMENTS EVERYWHERE? All my life, I have never seen so much pettiness amongst adults. I used to think that bullying was a thing for children, but with the coming elections, my father’s age mates have obviously turned into children. Everybody suddenly seems to have an opinion of the candidates; today, Fashola is saying something about Agbaje, tomorrow it’s Fayose telling us something about GMB, and next week El-Rufai is suddenly an expert judge of character as regards GEJ. Everyone is throwing shades at everyone and digging up skeletons and dirt. Doyin Okukpe n co have taken it upon themselves to release one annoying statement about GMB a day, and I must say IT’S GETTING OLD. Yeah right, you’re the media whatever for GEJ’s campaigns, how about you direct your shades to the other candidates? How about you dedicate the time you spend throwing shades to educate us on the agendas of GEJ’s next tenure? Like I told my friend sometime ago, I don’t give 2 fucks about what scandals the gubernatorial/ presidential candidates have in their wake, I don’t care what their sexual preferences are, as long as it doesn’t affect them carrying out their duties, then all is well. We looking for morals in politicians is as good as searching for a clean pig; I mean, most of our religious leaders are even more corrupt than our politicians, so what are we still saying?

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In conclusion, I’d like to say that, instead of joining the campaign media and their shades, and living on every word they say, how about you concentrate on what the candidates have to offer us?
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Till I see you next time, Stay Beautiful& Handsome& PONDER ON THESE THINGS


  1. Wow lovely write up, my thoughts exactly. N thanks I got the 2cards lol

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Like I tweeted yesterday, I don't care about transformation or change; just gimme free internet and security. #ThatsAll


    Ibi like say u don win lottery with your dash dash nowadays @esther. Can I apply to be ur PA?

    1. Free internet? Mannie
      Na me go be your PA now..... as Oga Boss concerned

    2. Lol @ free internet - nice one Mannie. Thanks for echoing my sentiments, Esther!

  4. You know I saw a gej campaign ad talking about all the rubbish Buhari did in the past I mean it was total 'scandalousness' I had to ask if they are allowed to do that for real. I was in awe (for lack of a better word) my dear politics tire me all I pray for I a peaceful election and mayne God can ice the cake for us by making it free and fair

    1. I pray for free and fair elections too my sister o

  5. It is like you are in my head dear. I have never seen such nonsense in my life. Desperation is making grown men act like children. Thank God Moby is okay, i thought she had traveled or something.

    1. I think desperation is the word i have been looking for to describe this situation

  6. I've refused to post anything political even though my blog was supposed to be strictly political.
    See, what I know is in politics, you don't have permanent friends, you have permanent interest.


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