Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hallos my lovelies..... I love me some Saturdays mehnn.... Lounging in bed and lying to Momc that I'm dying of cold cos I don't want to help her take out her braids feels badass.....hehehehe......
 Alrighty, what are y'all doing this cold Saturday morning?

Move over Waje& Isio (for only today o) I got me a new GIRL CRUSH!!!!!!!!!! TONYE GARRICK international singer/ songwriter is my girl crush for the next maybe forever..... Guess what? She's also nice

So on Thursday, I started to prepare this very "powerful" post on Nigerian Politics and the Upcoming Elections.... I know I'm not a political analyst, but then this is The Way Esther Sees It and I get to drop my 2kobo on every and anything so I gatz say something. But you see, as I was writing, I paused to do small amebo with some people on BBM and 30mins later when I got back to the post, my mind had packed up for the night.
I woke up yesterday and the mind was still on break o, the thing no gree cooperate o. So I asked the niggress how far and she said, it's not everytime you will be forming bad guy, not everytime you'll be forming deep and profound, sometimes still show the world that your brain stops functioning well na. So i decided to come and tell y'all a little story.
This story is about my first time in an erotic shop.... Sometime in July last year, when I was on my Secretary duties for my dad, he asked me to accompany him to see one of his friends, and I gladly followed him. You know those of our parents' friends who always have something for you no matter how old you are shey? Uncle Cee is one of them. Anyways, Uncle Cee and his wife just opened a plaza and decided to take us on a tour around the plaza and I gained a perfume and a pair of shoes sef. While the tour was going on, the elders moved on to a room and left me behind so I just boned.
A few minutes later, my mum bounced in and went into the same room and then I heard them laughing before my mom beckoned me in. As I entered this room, my lovelies, there my childhood ended. 
My lovely lovelies, I saw all shapes, sizes and colours of vibrators and dildos. I saw nipple rings and lots more I don't want to even want to start mentioning and describing cos of my below 18 readers.
That was the tip of the iceberg o, from there, my parents started to list every toy in the shop and their uses. They actually picked up everyone and started describing o, even the lubes. Omo, I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me, I was blushing like crazy, I even turned purple. When I started complaining, my father gave me the "young lady, you're never too old for sex education o" speech. All this while, my parents were getting touchy and feely around each other.... okay enough ewwwww things already... moving on.
So my lovelies, we've come to the end of my ramblings.... blame my mind for this o. Anyone cares to share any embarrassing moments with me?

P.S: Our Daily Manna 21 days fast begins today, don't forget to commit your year to God.
P.P.S: Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has banned SHOKI BY LIL KESH ft. DAVIDO& OLAMIDE from airing on radio and television, except between 10pm and 5am. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Moby we have to do something bout this o

Till I see you next time, Stay Beautiful& Handsome


  1. Would have felt the same way if I were in your shoes.
    So waje used to be ur girl crush now I know why you wan get flesh by force
    Aunti Dami go nd loose mumsy's braid o
    What is the video that they are banning?

  2. lol, that must have so embarrassing for you - I can imagine mum and dad doing the same lol. Abeg, Esther stop lying to Momsi and go and take her extensions out.

    Wow, you read our daily manna - my dear, you are blessed and I'm immensely proud of you ( that's my daily salad). Let the fast commence :)

  3. I love what you have going here! Talk about embarrassing parents, lmao!

    ♥ | | xoxo

  4. My parents, sex shop? I will just faint biko.

  5. Me and my parents in a sex shop ehen?! No way, I go run o. Oya someone should tell me what the 'ah shoki' is all about o that it's airplay was restricted. I have not forgotten your post. It would come up this week. I sha hope your readers won't think I am crazy o..

    P.S: I love ODM....


  6. Ewhhhhhhhhh.....ewwwwwwhhhhh... you need to see my face right now. Ewhhhhh. If I was you, I would have fainted. My erotic shop...being mushy infront of me *moby snap out of it already* ewhhhh. Esther pele o. You will be well. About the shoki, I am writing an open letter to NBC tomorrow. What rubbish...nonsense...balderdash....incompitotus...dont check your dictionary for the last one. It was nonsense. Hehe. Wasap mami

  7. Yeaaa! I like tonye too.

    Best sex education ever


  8. Why did they ban shoki *sobs
    I can imagine how you felt with all the sex educations lolol your parents are badoos
    Did you get any?

  9. Iro ni o Esther.
    Sex store plus sex education.
    Heya. Mortified doesn't even cover it.
    Pele. On the plus side,it shows your folks are very laidback.


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