Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hallos my lovelies.... how's the new weather treating you. All of a sudden i miss harmattan.... I miss my duvet abeg and i don't understand this new weather yet.... I hope y'all are fine cos I'm fine too

For quite a while, we’ve been seeing these pictures asking ladies to build their ideal men with $5 and trust me, most of us are good to go with the men we built.
Shey they said what is good for the goose is good for the gander abi? Well, yesterday, a task for the men surfaced and all hell has been let loose.
I put up the picture since yesterday night as my BBM display picture and up till now, not one of my over 100 male contacts has built a house girl or side chic, talk more of an ideal woman. Una no want ideal woman again?
I remember sometime last week on TTT, when Ernie asked us to list the realistic and unrealistic qualities we needed or wanted in an ideal partner so we’d know who to buy a life-sized doll for or who needs a carpenter-carved man.
I have therefore come to the conclusion that MEN ARE GREEDIER THAN WOMEN. Only one man wants to have a woman who is pretty, smart, classy, with a great sense of style and a great bod who can screw your brains away and thruway inside gutter. Then her middle name will be KATTY THE COOK cos she will cook all the delicacies in this world and beyond and then still be loyal while giving you head that will blow your mind into tiny unrepairable pieces. YOU WAN KILL YOURSELF? Funny thing I realized was that, if you still add more qualities to that list, most of y’all would still want them.
When I started to complain about the greed of men, a lil part of me began to wonder if we women aren’t easily contented with little. In other cases, maybe yes; but in this case, it’s a big NO. Lemme break it down for you a lil
  • A man who is handsome with 6 pacs is supposed to be icing for an already baked cake, not the cake itself, and any woman who uses these two qualities as basis for picking a man, IMO, has serious deep-seated issues. FYI, I just ditched $4 from that list.
  • A man who can cook is a great asset to any woman o, but if he’s like one of my exes, who can’t cook to save himself from the pangs of hunger, won’t he manage whatever you bring to the table? If he no like am, shebi Mama Cass n co still dey work. Same way, I don’t think any woman who wants kids herself would be with a man who doesn’t. That’s $8 out of the list now.
  • In my opinion, loyalty beats faithfulness any day, and an intelligent man exudes confidence while a confident man is not necessarily intelligent. We can’t overemphasize the place of sex in any relationship, so amazing sex stays.
 That leaves me with; INTELLGENT- $2, AMAZING SEX- $3 & LOYAL- $2 I borrowed $2 from Ernie’s account, I mean she has Mofaya already what does she need an ideal man for again.
There it is, that’s not being easily contented with little, that’s being contented with the necessary. An intelligent man who is loyal and can make parts of me come alive whenever he touches me is the cake mehnnn. If he decides to know how to cook, fine. If God made him handsome and he knows his way around the gym to get 6 pacs, my cake is iced. If he decides to be faithful, that sprinkles or candles to the cake. Who says I can’t eat uniced cakes or cakes without sprinkles?
I bet none of you guys can create an ideal woman from that list with $7. Please prove me wrong. Ladies build me your ideal men with $7 too; let’s show them we’re not greedy.

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Till the next time I see y'all, Stay Beautiful& Handsome


  1. Yay!!!!....lol...before I talk bout this topic...Everyone pleaseeeee vote for thewayestherseesit.blogspot.com for the Best New Blog....(Grr...I hate the way you can only use one email to nominate one blog).....Alrighty....**eyes everyone** I am not sure what Esther is talking bout buh I am single (in my head). **bats my lashes** ....so if I have to build my ideal man...it would be #8 and #9....**flicks Amaka's borrowed weave**.....Esther! Esther!! Esther!! How many times?.....gimme back my 2 bucks...lol...

  2. I just typed plenty and it disappeared. Anyways good thing it disappeared cos I changed my mind about my initial choice. My man in $5 would be 6 and 8... If he no sabi do the do I can always teach him just come endowed dassal.
    Nomination, done.
    Beht Esther you greedy small oh smh

  3. Lovely post . http://sophialastyles.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. My combo for my ideal woman would be 3 and 5 (in my head) or 1, 5 and 6.


  5. Esther dear you have come again? If he decides to be faithful kwa? Haa, that's paramount babe! This list is missing a lot mehn! Where is #financially ok, where is #exposed, 5 dollars aren't enough mehn! First the amazing sex, then the intelligent aspect, but honestly this list needs to be updated joor. Who is looking for six packs? She needs a rethink.o

  6. hahha loyal and amazing sex thats my pick. This Esther sef you did not make it easy joo

  7. Hahahahahahaha what is all this nne? There is no ideal man/ woman - I would like to know the definition of ideal cos my definition of it might be different - we all have our flaws.
    Btw I will nominate your blog because you deserve it

  8. Lols, Esther I just dey Observe ni oooo.

    Lemme build my own, for me.....for me ooooo, am going for 1,2,6 & 8 = $7 Gbam!!!

    You can see am not GREEDY!

  9. Awwwww Hmmmmm lemme try not to be greedy6,8 and 9


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