Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hallos my  lovelies...... it's Saturday again, and WHAM! The second week of the year is over already.... #IDontBelieveIt... What y'all up to today? Any owambes for me to come and eat rice? Please don't hesitate to save me a seat o.
*drum rolls* *dramatic music playing in the background* WAIT FOR IT.......... WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!
This is the first of it's kind here, and it's sponsored by Miss Tonye...... Y'all remember my girl crush from last week right? Well, it became a case of girl crush turned boss, but that's gist for another sha...

For the giveaway, dust up your knowledge on Tonye and head over to HER OFFICIAL WEBSITE or you could participate by following the link below

Simply answer the questions asked in the comments section below and you stand the chance to win something from TONYE.... Good luck y'all



  1. 1. Merry Christmas ft shaydee , maginto and geoffrey ...... we can travel round the world in one day cos we dont care. "shaydee " its the time to celebrate you ready to go we go there now and i sing that song for you am ready to show to show you now......

    2. Insane (Wèrè Nìyẹn) ft Maytronomy (Produced by e-Kelly) released in 2012

    3. Tonye Nkiruka Garrick

  2. Whrz the question na

  3. This is an interesting giveaway; very different. I'll have to go check out your post from last week.

    Have a blessed week.

  4. Criminal produced by Password- I'm addicted to you love, boy I'm in heaven, I never felt any better
    Insane (Were Niyen) ft Maytronomy- released in 2012
    Tonye Nkiruka Garrick

  5. Esther, i need your email add......


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