Monday, February 02, 2015


Good morning my lovelies..... this morning we're talking about Charity and helping people out......

Our focus today is THE DUSTBIN ESTATE. As the name denotes, THE DUSTBIN ESTATE is a community in Ajegunle, Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area, Lagos where the inhabitants build their houses with planks on these dumps. They have only 3 toilets in the entire community and they're not the normal toilets we have in our homes o, that zinc cubicle is a toilet.

Now, my major cause of worry, is the fact that kids actually live and grow up here..... Sometime last year, OAP Tolu Oniru @Toolzo visited this place and shared some very tears provoking pictures.

After which the HOPE 4 LYFE FOUNDATION @hope4lyfefound, have taken it upon themselves to find a way to help these people who live there, most especially the kids by visiting often and donating stuffs they might need.
So come 7th February, 2015, the HOPE 4 LYFE FOUNDATION will be making THE DUSTBIN ESTATE MOVEMENT to the dustbin estate, and would like y'all to be a part of it. So if you're interested, whether to be there or to send donations, contact for details.
If you will be present, please come along with anything you think these people might be needing; food items, clothes, books, writing materials, water, anything at all. Then go to all social media networks and use any of these pictures, write whatever you feel is necessary with the hashtags #Hope4Lyfe #DustbinEstateMovement and tag @hope4lyfefoundation on Instagram and @hope4lyfefound on twitter.
God bless you as you give to these people.


  1. Poverty rate in this country is high.i feel terrible when young girls and guys come begging for me,I hate it when I see them hawk on the street of Lagos,I hate it when I hear ma I have not eaten there is no food at home.this is really sad.Our Government, owners of conglomerate, and some well to do Nigerian should assist. It's not until you show to the world,there are some neighbours in your hood who need your help.Start from there

  2. Heard about this a couple of times. Good move (Y)


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