Friday, February 27, 2015


Hello my lovelies..... The only spoons of granulated sugar in my ijebu garri..... the better days called weekends are on us...... THANK GOD IT'S FREAKING FRIDAY...... I'm uber excited today for no reason whatsoever.... So mi loves how did your week go? I hope it was less stressful than mine o
Anyroads, a lil bird just whispered into my ears this morning that my birthday is next week Friday...... WOW!!!! Okay, I'm really not ready for a birthday yet but I mean, do I have a choice? Nah, I don't think so....
So I thought I'd prepare a birthday wishlist just in case the birthday Santa wants to get me things..... So LEGGOOOOO
  1. A ROOM OF MY OWN; I told y’all that the things I’ve been going through in the past weeks have not been pretty…. Well, it mostly has to do with my accommodation issues…. So yeah, a room of my own is top of my birthday wishlist......and anyone who thinks they love me should please gimme the keys to a room..... pleaseeeeee
  2. PEACE OF MIND; I’m pretty sure everyone knows how important peace of mind is. Well in my present state, a room of my own will give me all the peace I could ever have asked for. The privacy I’d get; the freedom to throw my things around without the fear of getting judged by some Judgemental Judy peeking through the rims of her thick glasses and snorting all over my business.
  3. LOVE; Do I have to start listing the importance of this? No, I don’t think so…. Moving on.
  4. SAMSUNG GALAXY A3 OR A5; Since my HTC packed up on me, and Obalende boys stole my other phone, I need a new android phone o. I heard it’s between 55-58K for A3, and between 75-78k for A5 #dazalll….. in all honesty eh, the things this phone does to me whenever I see a picture of it sha…. I just get this orga…. Moving on
  5. BLACKBERRY Q10; Seeing that my Q5 has seen too much in my hands; as in eh, if the phone see me in the market eh e go run 4/40 o. The screen is so shattered eh….. the keypads have started groaning in pain….. so long story short, I need a new blackberry.
  6. A LAPTOP; I’m not even going to try to be choosy right now I just need a laptop, any laptop will do as long as it’s not this current one cos this one and my phone have seen better days especially from this blog sef…. But if God places it in your heart to get me a MacBook Air, do not harden your heart o.
You see? I'm not greedy at alllllll, 6 items for the 6th of March..... hehehehe
So that's about that..... 


  1. Loooll!
    Let me point you to the direction of peace of mind ---- > John 16:33. Go and get yours now!!

    1. Hahahaha this sure cracked me up. That's the true direction Esther,hope you got them all? *wink* *wink*

  2. Lol you ain't greedy at all hehehe

    He already said you should ask and you shall be given unto so your wish will be granted as you have asked.

    Peace of mind is most paramount

    Happy Birthday in advance

  3. Lol @ the only spoons of granulated sugar in my garri. I agree with Chinco - ask and you shall be given nne. Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance and I pray and fast that all your wishes come true

  4. aaaww happy birthday in advance babe! when you get a place of your own i am sure you will get your peace of mind. as for the rest, they will come, be positive. hope you've been good. saw ya on instagram from duru's profile. you r a classy chicala, stop hiding.

  5. Hahaha see your mouth. Love, peace of mind.. Come here *bear hug*
    You just might be lucky you know..

  6. Happy birthday in advance dearie. I agree with you, you're not asking for too much.

  7. Just take a good look at yourself! Abeg come let's go and rob a bank!

  8. I thought I had 'thiefry' o yours is top notch.
    I hope you find love and peace of mind. In advance babe

  9. Oya kneel down lemme pour oil on your head... recieve it all AMIN LORUKO JESU!!!! It is done hunnnnay from my mouth, to God's ears

  10. Happy Birthday dear!
    Birthday greeting can never be too much.hehe.
    This list na wah!
    Come and gist me which and which of this you got.


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