Friday, May 23, 2014


Hallos lovelies!!!! Yipppeeee!! It's Friday again; another Friday to get a glimpse of Esther's eyes *lol*
We have all been rejected at some point in our lives. Some of us have been turned down by schools, companies, our CVs have been rejected countless
times, our papers, presentations, projects, articles et al have been turned down. Some of us have been rejected by families, pets, friends and lovers.
Some of us have been rejected so many times that we know all the rejection tactics and lines there is *badoo*. Some of us know all the reasons people could possibly give as they reject you.
I'm not here to list the reasons why people would reject or have rejected you. I only want to give you tips on how to unpack the baggage of rejection to the best of my little knowledge.
First, DON'T TAKE REJECTIONS PERSONAL. I'm sure you've heard the lines, "It's not about you, it's about me". I want you to know that these lines are quite true; it really isn't about you. Often times than not, it's about them. So don't go thinking it's something you did or didn't do, your looks or dress sense neither is it about the way you speak. Sometimes, some people are too narcissistic to love or care for other people other than themselves. So why should you blame yourself when such people reject you? Most times, we think we do, but we really don't know what issues other people have and live through or what burdens they have to carry. So don't be selfish; believe it isn't about you- life is even easier that way.
Secondly, LET GO OF THE INSECURITY. After a rejection, most people tend to get insecure about the future and worry if other people would want or accept them. The insecurities people go through after a rejection are numerous and some people just get swallowed up and begin to live in the shadows of their insecurities.
Thirdly, WORK ON YOURSELF. Your esteem suffers a lot when you get rejected. You begin to wonder if it has anything to do with your character, accent, dress sense, looks, personality, or even the lack of these things. However, we actually have those characteristics everyone keeps complaining about, work on those- they may be the unspoken reasons you were rejected.
Lastly, BE HAPPY. No one can make you happy like you. Do what makes you happy. Hang out with people that make you happy and feel good, read books, watch movies, try out something on your bucket list, learn something new, do stand up comedy if it will make you happy, anything at all.
So from Esther to you lovelies, hold your head up and walk like you believe that you are the best thing God created. Then the next time your boss turns down your presentation, your friends, family or lover rejects you, a company rejects your application, keep in mind that they are preparing you for the better opportunity.
So my darlings, that's The Way Esther Sees It.
Much love lovelies!!! Muah!!!!


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