Saturday, May 10, 2014


Dear Beyonce,
      I, President of your ever loyal fan club worldwide, write on behalf of your fans and we wish to know what motivates your lyrics.
      We are however tired of your constant reminders about Jay Z's "ego" and how it keeps you "drunk in love".
I mean, we love you lots and you are still Queen Bey, but seriously, is there nothing else you want to tell us?
       He is your husband so it's typical of him to keep you "drunk in love", else I can recommend a very good divorce lawyer. We don't wanna know how big and strong and huge and much Jay Z's "ego" is and we don't wanna know the kinds of germs you both have been eating because you've both been getting "drunk in love" in the kitchen. Then to top it, each time you write these explicit lyrics, you invite Kim's better half over to join you for a remix, rolling my eyes, and we all know how bad he wants to always talk about Kim's lady parts and how well she uses them.
         So, that's about it with our complaints, I hope this gets to you before you begin to write lyrics for your next album when we get to hear what Blue Ivy says when she tumbles into the kitchen and sees Daddy and Mummy getting "drunk".
P.S: While you are it, please give a detailed explanation of what WATERMELON has to do with getting "drunk in love". Are you and Jay Z weight watchers even then or what?

                                                              Yours Sincerely,
                                                               A Fan.

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