Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey people, how is the weekend going? Dreading Monday already I guess?
So, since the buzz about the missing girls and the multiple bombings in Nyanya, I've been an objective Nigerian. Observing details from all perspectives and I promised myself I wouldn't comment. I signed the petition to The White House sha, and I did the #BringBackOurGirls
campaign on IG and BBM but not once did I pass judgement even though I've had series of questions ringing in my head.
However, just yesterday night, while I was joblessly scrolling through my facebook page, I saw my uncle's posts concerning the matter and I liked them. I think you guys would too. They might answer a few questions, confirm your doubts or even raise new questions in your mind. So enjoy!!!!
"GEJ has finally lost it. For the WEF he is shutting down the town of Abuja from 7th to 9th March. Cos 12 Heads of State and 900 delegates are attending, he is deploying 6000 security operatives for protective details!
It's sad that the FG can show such impunity, that the life of the ordinary citizen is worthless?
Two bombing, meters apart within the space of 3 weeks and within walking distance to a security checkpoint, is swept under the carpet cos we want to show the world what? If any of those delegates has a conscience, they wouldn't attend on principle, come on, 200 plus school girls are still missing, and we are hosting the world?
I honestly don't get it, but again, I'm just an ordinary Nigerian."
"The Presidential Media Chat was an insult to Nigerians, in my humble opinion.
Firstly, GEJ, just informed us that he is the official "apologist" for the Minister of Petroleum (hehehehe).
Secondly, PDP, is the champion? Man, this dude must be smoking the good stuff. This isn't the frigging WWE!!(looooollll)
He then goes further to tell us that he is the only Head of State to sack all Service Chiefs and IG in a day. Dude, it would have been better to admit your cluelessness, and be the first to do the honourable thing, resign!
Then we come to our missing girls. You say the parents should cooperate with the FG, when the Women Leader of the PDP doesn't even believe they are missing? GEJ, had a golden opportunity to win the heart of EVERY Nigerian and SECURE his 2015 ambition, if he had only told Nigerians what they wanted to hear, that he has reached out to foreign powers for assistance with regards to the missing girls.
Nigeria lacks Leadership at the highest level, but as I always say, what do I know? I'm just an 'ordinary' Nigerian."
So that's about it, but I'm sure this piece has gotten most of you thinking, that's if you weren't thinking about this before.
Buh byeeeee lovelies!

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  1. I was opportuned to be in the states for a few months. My dear, I held myself althrough the 6months I was there from beating my little nephew cos his mum had told me, u don't yell or spank American kids.
    My dear, the boy is just 6 but he uses his mum's head. It's annoying.


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