Thursday, June 05, 2014


# I remember when I was a KOPA#. Thank God it's finally Friday and NYSC is finally over.
I think I write too much about Nigeria shey? Well, Atoke, author of Atoke's Banter series on Bellanaija, wrote something that struck me, "Write what you know, things that your conscious and subconscious are immersed in".
So, I steer away from things I don't know or understand so i don't contradict myself (and so that nobody will waylay me in one corner ).
Most of the articles I see that are related to the entertainment industry, always either refer to its detriments to the children or the good it has brought to us. But IMO, I think we try too hard *whew*
I get that we want to be like Americans and Europeans, but the truth is this, Nigeria is Nigeria and will always be Nigeria. Change is good but progressive change is better. Of what good is change if it's detrimental?
Everyday, there's a new trend copied from the Europeans or the Americans, and I wonder, "how do we move forward if we can't  be ourselves?" I've never heard that someone in America and Europe started something because he saw a Nigerian on the internet or TV doing it. But here we are, everything we do screams "artificial"
I try not to name names here, I'm just a woman who likes to write, and whatever I write is from my POV.
When Maheeda and Afro Candy reigned, I remember that not once did I see anything written in support of whatever it is they did. Trust tweeps and internet trolls na, some took out their family frustrations on them and even rained curses on them. Then our Beyonce, Mrs Teebillz, released her racy WANTED video, and BAM!!!! See confusion and division everywhere. Some headlines read, "Tiwa Pulls A Maheeda In Her Video", yet the same people who condemned Maheeda and Afro Candy, praised the video *smh*. Then they went, "You praise Beyonce and Rihanna and their sex-selling videos yet you condemn your home girl and sister! Hypocrites!!"
Like I answered someone, I do not praise Beyonce or Rihanna's "sex-selling" videos. In fact anyone who knows me well enough, knows I don't watch their videos cos they bore me ( no pun intended ). But even if I do praise them, I have the right to criticise "my sister" if she does a video like them. I mean that's why she's my sister. It's a typical thing to do, we look out for our own.
But since I'm not God, and I try as much as I can not to be "Judgemental Judy". I want to be clear on something,  I don't care if every artiste runs naked in their videos, it's none of my biz, it will even be fun to watch.
However, my point is this, "Why do the same crimes have different punishments?". Hypocrisy has no better definition than this, IMO. I mean why beat a child for stealing and not bat  an eyelid at another who does the same? It doesn't make any sense to me.
So from The Way Esther Sees It, Nigeria may not be half as good as we would want it, but our would be way better than it is if we do a little truth telling everyday.


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