Friday, July 04, 2014


Being an ardent reader and obsessed fan of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, I think I'll find closure after pouring my heart out on this matter.

I remember the day I wanted to buy this book, my friend looked at me one kind and said "You too like to waste money o." I wondered why he said that, so I replied, "No! I like to read and I like her books." "The movie is out and will be in the cinemas soon. Why not just save this money for your movie ticket and popcorn when it hits the cinemas?" He asked and we drove I off. I hope he forgives me when he reads this, cos I sneaked back to buy the book the next day.
So I read the book and I loved it as always and kept waiting for April, 2014. Everyday in April, I checked the movies schedules for Genesis and Silver bird Cinemas, Port-Harcourt; I even checked the schedules for Lagos and Abuja sef just to see when Half Of A Yellow Sun would be showing. Well it seems they forgot we were in April, or their calendar was different from mine.
So I asked my friend, "Guy, how far nao? April never still reach make they show my movie?" He just stared at me like I was an alien and replied, "Which country you dey sef? So you didn't hear or read that Nigerian Films and Videos Censor Board banned them from showing the movie anywhere in Nigeria?" Chai!!!!! My heart broke into a million pieces and I shed a few tears sha. Then I found out that it was because they've postponed its production a million times and some more.
Chai!!!!!! Nigerian Films and Videos Censor Board!!!!!!! Diariz God ooooooo!!!!!!!
Welcome to the Nigeria I know!! Everyday new (stupid) films are released. How long does it take to actually produce a movie? Well, its Nigeria *shrugs*. They'd rather pause and postpone the production of such an intellectual and historical movie than pause the production of the likes of Mr IBU Goes To School *mtscheeeeeewwww*
Imagine the type of international attention we would have gotten if that movie was aired since. Cheiii!!!!! *dances* first better thing Nigeria will do. As it is now, every other cinema has aired that movie except the cinemas in Naija. Do you know the cast of that movie? Omo! Abeg go and check it o.
Then I heard something too o *whispers*. Some people were speculating that they're scared of airing it cos they think it might stir a war. I no know o!!! But if this is true, then they should get their heads checked.
First of all, Nigeria isn't proud of her history. We don't get to learn so much of our history unless we have parents who experienced the wars and are willing to share or we study history or a related course in the University.
Secondly, the Biafra war is a big part of our history; so a movie about it shouldn't be a biggie. I've watched Hotel Rwanda and 12 Years A Slave as well as millions of Rwandans and North Americans; I am yet to hear of a war in Rwanda or North America resulting from these movies.
Well, Warrefa *in Jenifa's voice*. They should get their act together already and finish the production. Abi should I proceed to get married and start pro creating while I wait?

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