Friday, June 27, 2014


Good day my lovelies!!!! I'm in my exam mode so I'm going to be brief and formal (hehehehehe). I guess this piece is exam-induced sha. You know how serious, meticulous, prayerful we all get when exams approach? Well, I'm in that cloud now and this piece just hit me hard so I had to share.
        "Fear is a distressing emotion caused by impending danger,
      evil, pain, etc. whether the threat is real or imagined;
   the feeling or condition of being afraid."

Fear is something everything God created; great and small, are familiar with. Humans and animals alike are all afraid of something(s). Sometimes, the "threat" is imagined, something we create in our heads.
Most of us have the mentality that fear is a bad thing or a bad omen, so whenever we are about to embark on something, prepare for something and this dread sets in, we just back off.
Now, IMO, fear is different from premonition. So if your instincts work well and you believe strongly in them like I do, or if you have the spirit of discernment to discern what or when to do a thing, that is very different from fear.
Bazz Luhrmann said, "Do something that scares you everyday". I don't think he meant jump into the lion's den or put your hand inside fire o!!!!!! My interpretation of that quote is; that project you are scared to start, that job you are scared to apply for, the girl you are afraid to toast, that IG or twitter crush you are scared to DM, don't let it scare you anymore, try it out and you'll realize why your heart was in it after all. "Until you try, you never know (Who no go, no know)".
I used to be scared to write exams even when I knew I was more prepared than the rest of the class. I used to be too shy and scared to sing or dance in public or try something new until someone said to me, "No matter how how stupid or goofy your dancing would look or how annoying your voice would sound. Even if you see people closing their ears while you sing, trust me, you got someone to smile for the first time in a while." Goofy and irrelevant as that sounded, I kept it at the back of my mind for a long time.
Well, I don't necessarily go around busting my world class dance moves on the streets (that would be showing off na *winks*) neither do I go around singing at the top of my "sultry" voice. But at least, now I know that fear is my "PROGRESS-INDUCING PILL". So when the dread sets in while I'm about to write a piece for you my lovelies, or when I'm about to try unchartered territory, I just remember that the dread is my motivator to do all I can and be all I want to be.
So my darlings, what do you think of fear? What have you been afraid of and how did you overcome those fears?
Ciao!!!!!!!! My books are calling me *sad face*

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