Friday, July 18, 2014


Good morning my lovelies. How did your week go? Thank God the week is ending already.
The world we live in now is way different from the world our grandparents and some of our parents lived in. The world where daily news of bomb explosions, kidnappings, natural disasters, airplanes crashing and all the rest
we suffer these days, seem normal and expected.
The world we live in now where we have to take extra security cautions and incentives every minute. The world where we can't sleep with our two eyes closed, where we can't go to our balconies because we don't know what disaster awaits. In other words, every minute spent in the world we live in now is likened to a bomb waiting to explode.
How do we then stay sane in a world filled with these insanities?
First, HAVE A BRIGHT OUTLOOK TO LIFE. Some of us are professional negatives; nothing ever looks good with or to them. In my opinion, when you have a bright outlook to life, nothing worries you. I'm not saying things will stop being or going wrong, but with your optimism, those things that are going wrong won't look so bad anymore. Have you ever met someone who never gets worried no matter how bad it gets? Most of us would call such people nonchalant, but Esther calls those people OPTIMISTS. To me, they have the bright outlook to life and I admire them. I mean, when has worrying ever changed anything for good? I read somewhere, "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It doesn't get you anywhere, it just keeps you busy doing nothing."
Secondly, STAY AWAY FROM THE NEGATIVES. Anything that reminds you of the things that get or keep you worried should go. I'm not asking you to live in denial or oblivion, I'm only buttressing the fact that you should have a bright outlook to life. Anything or anyone that is negative, that reminds you of sh** from the past should GO.
Thirdly and Lastly, STAY HAPPY: BE HAPPY. Whatever you do, whoever you meet, wherever you go or are, let happiness be your motto. If it doesn't make you happy, if it doesn't keep you happy, don't do it. Whatever threatens you happiness should go too.
And that's The Way Esther Sees It.
Have a lovely weekend.

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