Friday, July 25, 2014


The Wives Revolt by J.P Clark was one if the compulsory literatures we had to read in Junior Secondary School ( happens when you have a Principal who's crazy about literature). I loved it anyway so I'm not complaining much. The women of Erhuwaren were unhappy when their husbands Okoro, Koko and Idama banned the domestication of goats and decided to walk away from their homes so their husbands would feel the brunt of their wrath. The funny part
of the play was when they came back infected as it was Ighodayen, the village prostitute that housed and took care of them while they were on the self-arranged exile.
"It's a man's world" is a popular saying that we not only hear everyday, but we see in action all the time. Whatever the men want, they can do; but whatever the women want has to be endorsed by the men. Funny right? Well, from time immemorial women everywhere got used to it and lived by it. One day, I complained of the complained of the increase in the rate of cheating husbands and my mum said, "if you catch your husband, it's your choice to stay or leave, and of course you will stay. But if your husband catches you, na go u dey o! So either way way you "lose". That didn't sit quite well with me, but then what could I say or do? *shrugs*
Well, it apparently didn't sit so well with a lot of women either. Gone are the days when women hid their promiscuity. These days, as J.P Clark predicted, the wives have revolted; the women have gone AWOL. Before now, I used to make jokes that the hotels in my village were for married women who wanted to hide their affairs. Well, seems those hotels have lost patronage cos no one is hiding anything anymore.
These days, I'd say the rate if cheating wives has increased faster than a anyone could imagine. No more wives staying home waiting for errant husbands, now its a "who first come house" party.
Now I'm not justifying cheating spouses o!! I'm only bringing it to your notice that's if you haven't already noticed it. I'm not also saying there are no more faithful spouses either, I'm only basking yo to shine your eyes wider than mine. *lol!!!*

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