Friday, August 08, 2014


Good day my lovelies. I actually have no idea of what time it  is as I am still groggy from too  many drugs and I'm still holed up in my blanket as I type this. So if after reading this, and I minister to you then say a prayer for me. Even if you don't relate, still say a prayer for me.

This is something that has bothered me for quite awhile and even though I have tried so hard to understand it, it's still quite difficult to get my head around; "How Do Young Girls Fall In Love With Married Men?"

I know love is quite complicated and more often times than not, we have little or no control over the people or things we love and fall in love with. I'm also aware about the love found in hopeless places, but then, whatever happened to one of the ten (10) commandments, "Thou Shall Not Covet"?

I'm not speaking of those pot-bellied old men that don't get "some" at home and so drive around the streets looking for young, fresh-blooded chics to take home, neither am I speaking about the random "relationships" between married men and unmarried girls (that's gist for another post).

I stumbled across a movie scene recently, a man and a lady were in a car on their way back from a date. Just as the lady was about alighting, she asked, "So Babe, when next are we seeing?" and the man then replied, "Whenever I can get away from my wife." Then they kissed and said their good nights  and plenty "I love you"

I am pretty sure I fed on flies for about five (5) minutes as my mouth refused to close. Then I went, "Wait! Wait!! She knows he's married? She actually is aware he has a wife?? What The Actual ****???"

This is not the first time I'm asking this question, but I think I need actual answers from real people (Not because my mind, heart, body and soul haven't been giving me answers o!!) Are these relationships real? I mean, Do they actually mean it when they say "I love you"?

I get it when two young unmarried people continuously flirt with other people who aren't their partners. I get it when people who are supposedly in relationships have other people they tell "I love you" . Not because I condone cheating o, but at least the law isn't involved yet;the church isn't involved yet; the traditional rites and family members aren't involved either, so to an extent it's quite allowed.

But in this situation, the man has the institution of marriage working against him and the lady has the guilt of stealing/ coveting "her neighbour's property" hanging over her head.
So my lovelies, I have told you my opinion and what my heart, body, mind and soul think about the matter. So what do you think? Could it be that I'm possibly overreacting and this is totally normal? Looking forward to reading your comments. Ciao!!!!!


  1. Hmmmmm true talk there.. Pray it won't b late b4 dey realize DT..

  2. No You aren't overreacting.
    Unfortunately it does happen mostly with the assistance of the men.
    And sometimes,the lady too falls in love even when the man tries to warn her against it.
    My ex and I are still padis of life even though he is married. I loved him before he got married and I love him still. But no way am I going to date him or sleep with him COS he is married.
    Thats just a hopeless circle. And it never ends well.
    I don't support it but I kinda understand.

    1. I get where you're coming from and it takes a kind heart to stay away from such love... like I said love is complicated, sometimes we love the wrong people and people we can't have


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