Friday, August 01, 2014


                                      You're insecure
                                      Don't know what for
                                      You're turning heads when you walk through the door
                                       Don't need makeup to cover up
                                       Being the way that you are is enough......
                                        Everyone else in the room can see it
                                        Everyone else but you..........
                                         ............ You don't know you're beautiful
                                         That's what makes you beautiful

Hello my lovelies!!!!!!!! Written above are the lyrics to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful; my fave song from 1D.
I'm a One Directioner forever; apart from the obvious reason: ZAYN MALIK *drools*. I could stare at him for the rest of my adult life and YES!! I'd like to have some of his babies.......... (Esther!!!!!! Focus!!!!!!) Yes! I love One Direction because their lyrics address things I like.
Have you ever seen a girl so beautiful and walk up to her and say "You are beautiful" and instead of the usual blushy "Thank you" you expect, you get a "What do you want?" And a scowl? *sighs* I can imagine your frustration, but it happens a lot so take heart bruv.
The major reason you would expect to hear as the reason for such cold response from a girl like that is, "I've been heartbroken too many times by guys who called me beautiful." But what you wouldn't expect to hear is, "I don't know I'm beautiful" or, "I didn't think I was beautiful" Shocked?
Now I'm not talking of the faux modesty we girls like to play when you compliment us and we playfully hit you and and say, "You can wash o! I gree fine?" I'm talking about a girl who is completely unaware of her good looks and her beautiful eyes; a girl whose major insecurity is her beautiful face. I'm talking about the lady with a beautiful heart who would do anything to put smile on people's faces.
IMO, what makes you beautiful is YOU. The dictionary defines beautiful as "pretty, fair, good-looking or handsome". But I'm defining beautiful as "that great attribute you possess; your good heart; your voice; your smile; your helping hands; your feet that are swift to running to people's aids"
You may not be facially attractive, people may not call you beautiful, you probably don't get a second glance when you walk past people. Each time a group photograph is to be taken, you end up as the designated photographer. But from Esther to you, hold on to that great attribute you possess, it's worth more than a thousand fair women.

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