Sunday, August 31, 2014


Good evening lovelies!! How's your weekend going? I know it's already over but you can still enjoy yourself between now and 12am...
Well, I know you're all wondering why I'm posting on a Sunday right? Its not my fault o... I got home today from church and ate Sunday rice (very yummy o), and was about to settle to a bleeehhh Sunday when I decided to check my blog list and saw that Lady Wannabe Blog had tagged me in the Gratitude Challenge.
The challenge is all about stating what you are grateful for and also giving out to the needy.... Here are the rules:
--When nominated you have 24 hours to accept the challenge.

--You have to write or say 3 things you are grateful for on any social media platform just once.

--You are to take a picture of a simple pleasure. A simple pleasure is something that makes (or made) you smile in a day preferably non humans (because I am sure a lot of people would list the humans as what they are grateful for). For example a cup of coffee, a bottle of your favorite soda or drink, a scoopful of ice cream, a butterfly that just perched on a window, something at your work desk, a game…You get the driftIt is something that should be inexpensive. It is not an opportunity to show off cars, watches, shoes and all the things that people like showing off nowadays.

--You have to give out at least 5 USD (convert it to your local currency) within 7 days of accepting the challenge to a less privileged person or a cause or a charity organization. 

--You nominate three people (within your circle) to take up the challenge.

--If you don’t accept the challenge you are required to donate at least 20 USD to a charity organization of your choice.

I'm grateful for the gift of family and friends... they are my backbone and I'm glad that no matter how much drama I generate, God still gives them the heart to forgive and stay by me notwithstanding 
I'm grateful for good health.... I don't know how many health rules I violate these days anymore.... I take at least two bottles of coke everyday, and some more forms of sugar, yet God keeps me safe from diabetes and all other sugar-related illnesses, I can't remember when last I exercised or did any medical check ip, but God still keeps me.
I'm grateful to God for you guys, my readers... your love keeps me going

I have so much more to be grateful for but since the rule said 3, I'll continue by listing one thing everyday for the next 7 days on all my social media accounts so stay tuned
Now I'm tagging and nominating everybody. So if you're reading this, then I just challenged you. But for rules sake, I'm nominating the following people 
Nekwu (
Funmi (

So that's about it.... Be Thankful


  1. Nice post as usual... I'm grateful for d gift of luv...having frnds dat luv u genuinely is a huge problem these days, I'm grateful I'm many times in d past i couldav died bt God kept me...finally I'm grateful for d little I hav...u best believe it's more than enough!

  2. Chilling for a new post! How are u dear?


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