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Good day my lovelies. How did the week go? I hope it was more stress-free than mine?
Racism is the intolerance of people of other races.
Tribalism is the beliefs and customs of a tribal society as well as strong loyalty to one's tribes.
We all remember the Donald Sterling drama and how we all took to holding bananas. But we forget that racism is rife in America and no matter how many banana trees we destroy so we can take pictures with bananas will change that.
Now to my own Nigeria, we practice racism with style here o, just that most times, it works against us. For instance, a white man and a black man walk into a big construction company, both are engineers applying for the same position. We all know how the story ends most times shey?
We make jokes of how picking semo and fufu over amala is racism and how picking a white blackberry over a black blackberry is racism. But think of the way we treat albinos (our own whites) and tell me how that doesn't seem like racism.

Racism is quite far fetched in Nigeria, to be honest, but tribalism? You know I'm saying the truth. Think of all the times you've gotten something you didn't deserve because of the popular "na my person" saying. Think of the "catchment areas" clause universities consider before admissions. The list is endless but I'm sure you get the idea now.
It's easier to blame Caucasians for being racists but it's hypocritical cos right here, within ourselves, we discriminate amongst each other. 
One of those mornings when I was rushing to Community Development Service (CDS), I had to go through Rumuola. Everyone was obviously in a rush like me, Port-Harcourt traffic was tight and Rumuola traffic was a testimony. As I was alighting from the cab, another car rushed past. The shock of almost getting crushed made me forget I left the door open. As I waited to collect my change, another car trying to maneuver his way drove so close and the door hit his car. You know the way these public vehicles are, something fell off. The driver (whom I thought was in such a hurry) flew out of his car and was charging at me, I swear I was scared ehn. Then he was screaming obscenities at me and at the same time telling me I'd pay for the damages. Heaven knows I had only one thousand naira home and abroad, allowee was a week away, Wetin I go do?; I begged and begged as I was stepping backwards in case slaps decided to fly, nothing changed. At a point, I detected his intonation was Yoruba, so I just said, "Broda e joo, nitori olorun, e maa biinu."
Translation: Brother please, because of God, don't be mad at me
It was like I poured ice on him, he just froze in his tracks and shouted, "Na the language wey you speak save you o", and turned, entered his car and drove off. I was stunned, someone I practically begged on my knees o.
I was happy I had escaped the beating or whatever he had planned to do o but I kept wondering what if I couldn't speak Yoruba, I probably would be lacking an eye, a tooth or something vital now.
Well, that's one of the examples of tribalism that goes on within our Nigeria. Even though it worked in my favour, it got me really scared for our country. Everyday, you listen to people discuss politics and they keep insisting on not wanting a Northerner or Westerner ruling them meanwhile "our brother" is the president of the most powerful nation.
So that's my take on it but I still need your options. So don't forget to tell me if you think I'm over reacting.



  1. Waoh!Intelligent Reasoning there.
    You are right and it's food for thought. I think it's sub conscious. Like when I am in the north and I enter a cab,immediately they detect I am Yoruba thru maybe a phone call I made,the driver immediately warms up to me and starts chatting to me.
    I have heard it happens even abroad whenever a Nigerian cab driver meets another Nigerian.
    Its just that feeling of "chai!My person"
    Can be good and can be bad especially when it comes to marrying another tribe.
    All tribes have tribes they can marry from and others they wont even consider.
    Let's say there's an hierachy of tribe marital preference.
    You get landlords that don't want ibos,hausas etc.
    Its a bad habit we picked from our parents and have to all drop.
    I looooove your blog ehn.
    Will be back. Have a bad cold.
    V to go lie down.

    1. It's a very bad habit and with the way our world is changing now, it's high time we stopped the discrimination. Some people don't know when they do it anymore sef

    2. I forgot... Sorry about the cold, did you pick it up from TTT *whispers* don't let Tibs catch me o... Go on lie down and rest and thank you for loving the blog *shines teeth*

  2. Thanks. Na one sneezing woman sit beside me in church yesterday oh.


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