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It's Friday my lovelies!!! The long awaited Friday!! How did your week go? Hope it was as exciting as mine? 
I'm so excited! Today makes it 5 months I started blogging and I still feel like it was yesterday I dropped the letter to Beyonc√© . Thanks to y'all for keeping me here, your comments, mails, and everything. I am grateful.

I have carry my okpolor eye and come o! I've come to see it again. The matter I want to talk about ehn, it's one kind, e get K-leg, but I will still talk. Aft
er all, our people say, "there's no subtle way to tell a brother that his mouth stinks, but you still have to tell him."Neil Armstrong, the first man to travel to the moon, had only two pictures, one before the journey, and one after he had accomplished his mission. People would constantly argue that if he was born in this age, he would have more pictures and probably not accomplish his mission. I'm beginning to agree with them.

Everyone has a "picture-snapping" device these days. Thousands of pictures are taken every minute, and with the increasing use of social media, these pictures are seen everywhere. If you go through people's picture albums on social media (that's if you're a stalker like me), you see different comments which may either be similar to or different from what you think or what you would say if you were to comment. Ever looked at a picture on IG and the first thing that comes to your mind is, "Why TF are her boobs spilling out of the picture?", but the comments are reading, OMG, you look so good and all the rest? Yeah! That establishes the differences in our sights and perceptions. "We all look and see differently".

Your argument right now may be, "it's my phone! It's my life! Blah blah blah!!" But think of the fact that, "A picture is worth a thousand words". What kind of words does a thousand words say about your pictures. That's beside knowing that your entity might be judged based on those pictures. A few of those thousand words may be the ones you need in the nearest future and they may not be in your favour.

I was going through a random magazine some time ago when I saw an article on how social media updates were affecting people's jobs. In the article they kept referring to a case between the Swiss government and an official who took work selfies in the wrong place and she got fired.

It struck me that no longer are we in the days where our bosses are grey-haired computer illiterates. These days, our bosses are our friends and followers on social media.

You take a picture sitting on your boss' chair, she saw it on IG.

She really had to update her status on Facebook and that was what she had to say.

You call in sick on Monday morning, but all weekend you uploaded pictures like this of yourself and your friends.

You had to update your facebook status to inform your friends of your boss' bad breath, well he saw it too.. 

I even heard recently, that interview panels take their time to research the candidates before the interview. It's actually a good thing, but most times, it really isn't in your favour.

So my lovelies, don't be surprised that you find your boss staring hopelessly at your boobs (yes some people are hopelessly perverted like that o) but it might be he saw the unclad version on your IG page. Or you find your marketing team colleagues staring at your ass (forget that it's the size of those girls in The Kick video), remember they saw it clad in a thong on twitter. 

These things have I spoken/ spake unto thee, ponder on my words, and hearken to them. Lmfaaaoooo! WTH was that?
Please that's all for today, till I see you next time, Stay Beautiful and SHINE TEETH. 



  1. As funny as it is dearie, it's so true... That's the downside of freedom via social media..
    Great job babe

    1. As exciting as the social media is, it has made a lot of us lose our ability to reason properly
      Thanks babe

  2. This is very true! Awon girls are the worse culprits when it comes to pictures! Even when you talk to them about it (you know the rest).

    1. Yes o... they go fight you on top sef

  3. Lmao! I tot of like ten ppl while reading dis... i do kbw a bunch of ppl who will only make it in d porn and video vixen industry bcz of d life they hav lived on social media. u ppl shu pls "harken" bikko. A word is enough for even d stupid. Nice post.

    1. I didn't send you to think of people o before they beat us...

  4. lol at the neil armstrong part he would have been busy taking numerous selfies hehehe and girl yes i am so careful about what i put on social media you just never know who is looking at you i remember some coworkers getting fired last year after taking selfies at the mall and posting on instagram "while they were working supposedly" anyhoo i have hearkened unto thos your words o lol

  5. Lmao!
    How silly can people be biko? Why are you even friends with your boss?!
    Oya oh, my people harken to Esther's words oh.

    1. Lol.. Babe e dey happen o... but u know these days u don't have to be friends with someone to view their profile

  6. #gbam....word. you have spoken Esther and this is the truth. The things I see on social media sometimes ehn still baffles me. Nice one Esther

  7. True talk....



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