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Good morning my lovelies! Happy new week! I hope y'all enjoyed the weekend.
Welcome back to Fiction Mondays and today we'll be having the concluding part of Danielle's List.

Many of you threatened me cos of the suspense, Marnie called me wicked *sad face*, Funmi Reese started an Aluta Movement here and Moby promised to hand her boo over to me *shines teeth*. Well, y'all can relax now, it's here.
So read, comment, share and most importantly, enjoy. 

Four months later, the 20k was mine as Danielle didn’t meet anybody new and Darrelle got her heart broken sef, Zara had found herself an Alhaji to milk and I was still with Walter. Neither of them wanted the money so….
At our 26th birthday party, Darrelle burnt her list and said she was getting married to the next person who asked her. She wouldn’t care if he was short or tall, rich or poor, she just wanted to be married. I thought it was one of her drunken fits, so I didn’t give it much thought.
Two months later, Darrelle was engaged and to be honest, I was quite disappointed in her choice. I had always expected Darrelle’s partner to be an intellectual but boy, smh, he couldn’t keep up a stimulating conversation.
I still don’t know how, when or where Darrelle had met him but she seemed smitten so I had no other choice than to support her. Danielle threw a hysterical fit in my house and broke some things as she screamed, “Kamso! Darrelle wants to settle for the lowlife!” She mocked Darrelle.
“Is it that bad?” I asked, “What if she is happy?” I wondered why she didn’t tell her sister that herself but I kept it to myself either way.
Danielle was depressed for the whole 5 months of wedding planning. She didn’t even try to hide her disgust whenever Rob was around. I ended up taking her place as Darrelle’s Maid of Honour as Darrelle was scared she’d do something totally crazy on the wedding day.
Whenever we were together, Danielle would pray something terrible would happen so the wedding wouldn’t hold, or Darrelle would catch him cheating and then call off the wedding. None of those happened, so the wedding held and Danielle kept reminding me to make sure I didn’t let her settle out of desperation.
Finally, at Darrelle’s wedding, Danielle met Nick. After the usual couple’s entrance, we retired from our “duty posts” beside Darrelle, meanwhile Danielle was looking to drown herself in alcohol when we spotted the quiet Greek god from a distance.
He was sitting alone and boy! The way he was staring at Danielle was out of this world. Darrelle said he was a relative of her hubby, which got us sceptical.
Danielle went over to his table anyway and flirted some more, and then they disappeared.
“Le Slut” She called me the next morning to wasn’t much of the slut, but she had a date with Nick that day. Boy! Was I relieved? Danielle was going on a non-business date! First in about eight (8) months!
The Lord is indeed good.
Nick was almost was like Somto, Muna’s hubby. He was cool headed, successful, adored her and timid (I’m sure Danielle bullied him a lot). He was smitten with her and I’m pretty sure it was mutual, even though my best friend will never admit to be smitten by the member of the opposite sex.
No day passed that Danielle didn’t have something sweet to say about him. They’d talk all day on phone and disturb me with their mushy lovey dovey talks- something that is likened to seeing a blue moon as far as it concerned Danielle. I was happy she was glowing.
Seven (months) later, on Nick’s birthday, just after our 28th birthdays, Nick and Walter (Yes! Old Walter!) proposed together. Oh Boy! Were we happy? Danielle was like a loose cannon and I sure was beaming.
Planning started immediately and Danielle’s wedding had to be before mine as Walter had his book tours lined up for the rest of the year plus I really didn’t want to rush preparations. Everything was in perfect order until this morning, two (2) weeks to Danielle’s wedding, and she had called off the wedding.
The List!! Danielle wanted a tall, dark cutie, someone she was crazy in love with, someone she feared (I should ask her why right?), a religious and God loving man plus the usuals on everyone else’s lists. Nick fit the physical bill, but Danielle bullied him a lot plus he was an atheist; He had no regard for religion. So you see the dilemma?
As I hold and soothe her, a part of me wants to tell her to damn the list and marry Nick with the hope she’d convert him into Christianity as well as hope that along the line he’d turn the bullying table around and she’d start to fear him. But then, I know that is not only trying to play safe, but it is a big risk. The other part of me wants to tell her to go on with her decision. But then she would be a miserable ball of nerves especially with my wedding coming up. So, I’ve been mute- a first for the both of us.
What would you advise me to tell her? What do you think Danielle should do?


  1. Oh wow! I will advice her to do what she thinks is right. Nice one again! Come you should publish this

    1. Well they both don't know what's right....
      Lol! Abeg find where I go publish am for me now *lol

  2. Ewo!!! Bia Esther, what kind of set up is this?
    hmmm...never go into a relationship hoping you can change a person. You can pray for change but be sure it wont kill you f it doesn't happen so you don't get disappointed.
    religion not be unequally yoked.....
    She sef, na today she know? abeggi!

    I agree with Tosyne, get this published!!!!

    1. Babe calm down naaaa!! Na fiction biko
      I totally agree with you my sister o
      Like I said before, you and Tosyne should look for publisher for me o

  3. I'd tell her to follow her guts..ain' no perfect man nowhere! As for her list,Angel Michael wud be best suited but she'd have to get up there 1st...*chuckles*....*roflmao

    1. Hehehehe! Look who the cat dragged in! Welcome here

  4. Finally. Now I can drop my placard.
    If she loves him and the points won't be an issue for her she can go ahead.
    But if she knows that it's a deal breaker then make she let him go be by force.

  5. Wow....finally. thank you Esther. I have been dreaming about this 2nd part ehn... okay so what will I tell Danielle? I'll tell her to chill. Nor get married yet. There are something you can't compromise for in marriage. Its your marriage not your friends or family. At the end of the day, you are the one that knows where the shoe hurts. She wants someone she would fear, then let her chill until he comes. Mehn human wants are insatiable. ... God have mercy.

    1. Mobylistic Moby!! Oya where's my commission?

  6. I would advise her to follow her heart. I really enjoyed reading this, my dera - you write so beautifully. I think you should send this piece to Bella Naija!

  7. @Yours Truly: thank you very much...
    Now y'all be making my head swell


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