Thursday, October 16, 2014


Holla lovelies!! Good day lovelies!! It's Thursday already, the week is almost over, I can't believe it...

It's RANTS THURSDAY and I'm excited cos we have our first guest rant!!! Yaaayyyyy! My friend had something to complain about and she thought she'd bring it here. So read, comment, share, and most importantly, get in the rant...

In high school,when my friends and I would talk on our silly fantasies of meeting Mr Right, mine was always the typical dance movie. Boy meets girl...they hate each other...they dance together once...they fall hopelessly in love with each other...they live happily ever after (typical step up movie).
Funny enough I got what I wanted.(careful what you wish for ladies). And then I got more than what I bargained for.
There was a day I was sitting beside him and he was asking a girl out on BBM. A girl who was in the same dance group as me...Isn't that just d height of disrespect?
Countless times I noticed him acting weird on the phone and anytime I ask, "oh baby its one of my old friends, don't tell me you are jealous?"...(am I a baby? Which girl who has nothing on
you calls for up to 10 minutes everyday?).He would never admit anything until I happen to come across a love message on his phone.(yes he made me that kind of girl that checks his messages).Even when I don't see any fishy message a small voice in my mind screams *he don delete am*

The creepy part was whenever I had a male friend close all hell breaks loose. 
Now I broke up with him and he goes round saying I left him for a guy I stole .We say bad news spreads fast but he took it upon himself to be the carrier.
Now he goes after all the young skirts in church 
spilling his sad story.
Now his net for young girls has been cast in his
brother's ex of 1month and he claims his brother wouldn't mind.
So while I read this, I was angered, but at the same time, I felt sorry for her. I mean, I can't begin to imagine the kind of embarrassment she's going through having such lies spread about her. But you know what surprised me the most? While I was busy getting emotional, she buzzed me and said, "Esther it's not poetic enough, my words are not put together.." I almost screamed at her like we're talking serious business here ma'am. 
So guys, this is it. Thoughts? 
P.S: if there's anything you need to rant/complain/vent about, just send it here and we'll rant together.



  1. seriously?....dis sposd to be a rant? :|

    1. Errm! Yeah! She wasn't happy about sth and she complained!!

  2. Waoh. Its called rant for a reason nah. It doesn't have to be poetic.
    All I can say is I am happy she is out of that relationship. His behavior after she broke up with him shows that she was right to do do.
    There's nothing I hate more than someone peddling lies. Say the truth all you want but when you try to lie so as to get sympathy and make yourself out to be the good guy, that's just shitty.Very shitty.

  3. Good thing she walked away before he turned her to craze woman.

  4. Wow....guys just always want to eat their cake and still have it. What does he want really...tssheeww

  5. Let me tell you i was in the same shoes as you and those kind of men are so possessive and jealous but when you leave them, they lie that you were cheating on them thas why you left lolol. Well his loss


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