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Good day my lovelies!!!! Happy Friday and welcome to the long awaited weekend......
So today's post is a follow up post to yesterday's rant. I was asked if that was a rant, my answer
was and still is YES!! The dictionary defines a rant as, "a wild uncontrolled speech". Well, in here, we gotta keep it control, which is why Ialways write "if you have anything to rant/complain/vent about". So yes ANONYMOUS, that was a rant..... that said, we may proceed.

As at yesterday, all that was in my head as regards this post was the typical boy-girl relationship, but as i began to write it out, my "spiritual" eyes began to see things clearly (flesh and blood didn't reveal it to me! Hehehehe!!). 
The relationships we'd therefore be relating today, will be more than the usual boy-girl relationships, we'd need to look at friendships, partnerships and even family relationships. So anywhere relationship is indicated in this post, relate it to the one that best applies to you. 

As we all know, break ups, fallouts, quarrels, and fights are inevitable in all relationships. IMO, I think they're meant to bring us closer or open our eyes to each other's and our own flaws. I mean, it's when you get into a fight with your sister that she throws it in the air that she's been keeping it to herself for so long, but your breath stinks to the heavens. Definitely, you'll take that seriously and begin to take better care of your oral hygiene as well as want to remain in her 
good books. Who knows the next place a fight is going to happen? Imagine her calling your smelling mouth out when she's with her friends. Omo! The shame go bad o.
Let me tell you a little story I'm sure everyone is familiar with but for illustrative purposes, I'll still say it
Boy meets girl, falls in love with her and asks her out. Girl likes boy and agrees to date him. They date for a while, rubbing their lovey-doveyness in everyone's faces, change their relationship status on social media to married sef, call each other "The One". After the honeymoon phased has run its course, boy realises girl is a constant nag, girl realises boy is a serial liar, then they breakup.
Everyone is used to the above, it might probably be the script to every love story. 
The break up is not bad neither is it the issue, I mean, u get to marry only one person. Some find their soul mates early in life, others find theirs late. So of course, until you're certain you've 
found The One, you might just keep breaking up with the people you date.
Friends will always fall out, stop talking to each other, business partners will always split up, siblings will forever be at each other's throats, and parents and children will always quarrel. But what matters the most, especially to today's post, is how we cope with these fall outs, what we do and how we react.
You don't have to go about spreading lies about 
someone you once claimed to love no matter how bad he broke your heart. You and your friend stop talking, and then you decide to tell the world all the secrets she told you, all the good and bad things you guys did together, or you tell people she bedwets or stole your man (which is a lie by the way). How exactly do you live with yourself after that? I mean, when you sleep, don't you dream and see yourself roasting in the hottest parts of hell?
I don't know if I'm the only one who's pissed 
listening to things our ex friends and partners have told people about us. But really my people, is it good?
I know that not all relationships are destined to end amicably. Some friendships and partnerships have to end with broken bottles and skulls or drawn swords. I also know that after the fallout, we like to drop gists on some things that happened in the course of the partnership. But I'll say this here, and I'll repeat it anywhere I'm asked: ANYONE WHO SPREADS LIES ABOUT YOU AFTER A FALLOUT NEVER LOVED YOU OR HAD YOUR INTREST AT HEART.
So my wonderful, charming, beautiful, and handsome lovelies (were you washed by that?), what's your take on this?

Until the next time I see you, Stay Beautiful! 



  1. I absolutely agree frm d bottom of my heart dat breakups need not b messy. Infact I'm of d sch of thought dat brk ups shud not even exist. Jst a redefinition of said relationship. For example som1 can go frm best friend to acquaintance or frm love of ur life to colleague. No need burning houses and bridges. Remain civil and coordial.

  2. Word!
    "Anyone who spreads lies about you after a fall out never loved you or had your interests at heart".

  3. my comments are just disappearing *crying*

    1. Sorry darling!!! It's probably your network

  4. Most people can't be friends with their EX they feel is weird. But i think you should let go and forgive totally Btw am new here i just strolled in

    1. Yeah it may be weird... but it doesn't justify spreading lies about them...
      Oh my dear!! Welcome here boo!! Hope I see you around more often

  5. I've had a nasty break-up.... did you read my post on more than a slap? You'll understand why.
    But we are cool now.
    So yes, I totally agree with, breakups, fights and quarrels do not have to be bad.

    1. I haven't read it, but I'll do that right away...
      Thanks for stopping by

  6. I've had a nasty break-up.... did you read my post on more than a slap? You'll understand why.
    But we are cool now.
    So yes, I totally agree with, breakups, fights and quarrels do not have to be bad.

  7. I am friends with two of my ex infact I am close with one of them. It was nasty in the beginning but there wasn't spreading lies. Its a childish thing to do

  8. I will have to agree with you that not all friendships/relationships end amicably. People curse each other because they might feel heartbroken, betrayed or they might just be venting their fury. One of my relationships did not end amicably, however, one of my exes and I are civil to each other!


  9. Breakups don't have to be messy.... I try to end a relationship in such a way that we can still remain never know whose help you would need afterall. Anyone that spread lies about you after a break up is just a fool and doesn't deserve your forgiveness ever...He truly never had your interest at heart.

  10. I feel break ups shouldn't be nasty but some people can just look for trouble sha. And start calling their ex names. I am not really friends with my exes and I like it that way.


  11. Okay Bubba, its my first time here, and my am i glad to be here.. I love this post, and i must say I love the way you write.. Its pretty easy to relate to.

    Okay.. Does it have to be nasty?? Hell NO!!! You see I see people who feel overly slighted as regards break-ups as Immature. I mean I am but 23 yeah, but if someone says No, then go out and Drink like hell. If sex is your therapy.. Do a lot of it.. What ever works for you ( Like Nike says) Just Do It.. Dont go sulking up and down crying like the world has ended. I believe that peeps of today hold too much ""expectation"" as regards dating.. Mehn it is a relationship nah Bubba's and Brovers not a marriage.

    On the other hand Esther, I for one believe that Self love is the best kind of love.. So... If someone goes around snitching on you, welllllll who cares? Just keep doing your thing, that way you make a fool of the person, or snitch. I have experienced a fair amount of pain both blood wise, and love nwantintin wise.. But hey.. Making it Nasty or public is just childish. Cheers Bubba. :)


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