Friday, November 07, 2014


My people, how market? Hope you've dusted your turn up clothes for the weekend o cos I have....
So I want us to discuss something we already discussed..... FRIENDSHIPS. 

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm overflogging it, but i realised that we can never overemphasize friendship.
Yesterday, i decided  to do a rerun on Being Mary Jane Season 1, and I saw something I don't know how I missed it before... There was a Samantha Havins who was found dead in front of her TV three years after she had died. This young lady had a sister and a boyfriend, yet she wasn't missed for 3 years. When they interviewed the boyfriend, he claimed they had a fight a day before that was why he didn't reach out, and the sister simply refused to be interviewed.
My first concern, where were her friends? No neighbours? No colleagues? How did she not get missed for 3 whole years? Even if she got in a fight with all her friends and her boyfriend and neighbours, n colleagues, 3 frigging years and nobody checked up on her. It's so sad that it actually happens in our world, so no be film trick o.
It reminded me of that Liberian woman who hung herself in Lagos few months ago..... how did she not have friends to confide in with all the depression?
In all of these, I have come to realise that we need friends...... Friendship is life! Friends become family, friends are all of it n more.....
Right now I feel like I'm blabbing but I hope to God that in all of my blabbing, I was able to pass something across.



  1. Yep we all need friends.
    Good friends.

    1. Yes o.... Friends are totally essential and good friends are life itself

  2. I agree! Friendship is life and sometimes I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my bestie turned sister to confide in.

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    1. Hi Bree.... Welcome here, I'll be sure to check the giveaway

  3. I love my friends, I wish I can trust some tho, I try o but na wash some people sha

  4. Yes we all need friends but humans are hard to trust these days mehn...


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