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We can travel round the world in one day cos we don't care..... Play our favorite Christmas songs and party like we don't care.... Merry Christmas Baby
Hello.... Hello.... Hello.... Eyin temi lori pinging..... How the Christmas season dey go na... How the rice, chicken, salad, bean, chips, pounded yam, ofe nsala and co. dey go? Omo, I am overfed... I was even sensing constipation early this morning but it didn't stop me from eating more sef......
Okay.... Today, our darling Duru Bubba is our Guest Blogger for the day..... If you've ever been on The Young and Confused Blog, you'll understand why I love this young man. He claims to be confused but whenever I read his posts, I relate to every word of his posts and he inspires me every day. So it's either he's not as confused as he claims, or I am very confused. I spoke to him for the first time yesterday and the guy is just as hyper as his posts. Did I mention he can wash for Africa?
Anyroads, sit tight, read, share, comment and most importantly, ENJOY.....

Turn up turn up ladies and gentlemen, I am super excited to finally get an opportunity to write a post on my Esther Koko’s Blog. Heheheh She has one of the coolest blogs available, and I am super grateful to Esther of life for this awesome opportunity. Lemme add that I am a mega fan of hers ooo, so amma gonna hope for 1 night, do fasting and prayer for 39 days and 39 nights, and soak my chaplet inside of water for 2 hours that she puts up this post :) She bad like that gan.. I so love this Blog cause i soooo soooo love the author and the dexterity and wisdom with which she posts. So leggooo.. You see ehn, its funny how life is,  how things play out, how no body any where has it perfect regardless of their beauty and wealth, how the rich also cry and the beautiful ones have a scar on their souls, one which even their best and most expensive make up can never cover. Its funny how the lives of people looks so perfect and shiny on the outside, where as on the inside we never know the battle they fight, nor the demons they face. Well in my 23 years 1 month 12 days eyes, we are all fishes swimming in the ocean, constantly tossed by Tidal waves. So when the battles of life come our way which are in my head pictured as merely tidal waves, I say to myself that this too shall pass, as all other waves did, I say this even when most times I don’t believe it.

So there we were (Dad and I) sited at the reception of a man whose final decision would decide my fate, whose yes or no would determine if I literally lived or died. A million thoughts ran through my head as I sat there, my eyes teary as i didn’t know why I had to go through so much pain. I knew the outcome of that meeting would either be so drastic or so ecstatic that it could make me go insane out of depression, or make me burst into laughter due to joy, laughter that the world would be unable to phantom. So as I sat there with my teary eyes, and my heart both perplexed and confused looking earnestly at the door like a man waiting for the doctor attending to his wife in labour with all the glimpse of hope he can muster, my heart raced faster with each passing moment, while my thoughts seemed to more or less freeze, as I was like a man walking on ice, unable to think, but only able to hope. I didn’t know what my life would be like if I had that negative response, I didn’t know whether to pray in my heart, or curse GOD for hating me so (which was what I thought). But then as I looked at my father and watched his hands shake, watched him struggle to hold back the tears and the pain, it hurt me even the more, but made me realise that I had to be strong for both of us. It hurt me even the more, and made me realize that no mtter how much wealth I would attain, or how much success I would get, that this man would be there for me regardless to hold my hand as I would always always be his little boy. And just then as I thought I had lost all hope, the hymn played from the mobile phone of the receptionist, and a line of her ring tone rang:

“No matter what may come my way, my life is in your hands”

You see many of us in life believe GOD only exists when things are green, we believe in GOD only when we have enough to eat and more than enough to drink, we believe only In GOD when everything we need comes our way, and when we are loved by the world beyond measure, but I tell you fam now and here that against popular believes, GOD is even more present in our lives during the sad and seemingly tough times than during the cool great times. Look at the story of Shedrach, Mishak and Abednego in the Bible, they were three of them all the while. While good things happened, it was only the three of them, while they merried and celebrated, it was only the theree of them, while they walked on the street, it was only the three of them, but at that bleakest hour of their life, at that moment when all hope seemed lost for them, at that moment when they were cast into the burning furnance with its heat increased 7 times than ussual, that was when GOD chose to be visible in their life as the fourth man in the fire.  Why did GOD wait till that last moment? Why didn’t he appear and save them while judgement was cast on them? Well that we will never know, but what I know for sure was that when GOD saw that the 3 of them were ready to trust him to the end regardless, thats when he chose to show up. Not before, not an hour earlier or later, but at  that very perfect moment when both they and the world saw it as all over, that very moment when things got totally screwed up for them, that was when GOD showed up in their lives. So I dedicate this post to that kid out there who sees life as totally screwed up, and to him I say don’t quit cause GOD has a plan that none of us can realistically understand.

I might not know what many of us might be going through, I might be unable to understand the confusion in our heads, but as 2014 winds out and we enter into 2015, all I can say is keep keeping on, cause GOD is right there with you waiting to be sure that you wont quit on that which you so dearly want, waiting to be sure that you sincerely trust his plans and goals for you, waiting for you to realize that he is both all you have and all you ever need.

Permit me to end this post with my most favorite line of all times which goes;

“At the end of everything, everything will be alright, so if everything is not alright now, then you are not at the end, so don’t give up.”

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time great young mind, my prayer for you this week is that GOD will sandpaper your face with his blessings. Cheers fam.

My lovelies..... do I need to say anything more?


  1. I love that ending quote you used. Your background photo looks warm and comforting (though it's winter). Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Very true! I believe God never hands us anything we can't handle. In the end no matter what you are passing through, it will all be well if you just believe.

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  3. Duru of life!
    Always making sense.


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