Thursday, December 11, 2014


Good morning lovelies...... Happy Thursday.... I hope y'all are ready to go out and kick ass in whatever you do today? 
Today I'm doing a borrowed post from our very own Lagos Drama Queen, Moby.... You see, most times I assume I'm the craziest kid around, but whenever I read something from Moby, I just realize that Yaba Left probably lost a patient...... The girl is quite looney and the post I'm going to share with you will prove that to you....

*steps in with huge baggie pants, huge Tee, timberland boots, huge blings, dark frames and my face cap turned backwards*** #Gangstermodeactivated.....
Sup yo!

Sup fam!...
So I know how dramatic I can be with my thoughts sometimes. Do not...I repeat do not shake your head for me at any point on this post...( I am already shaking my head for myself in advance). 

My thoughts just go crazy on me sometimes and I'm scared for it. So some days ago, I was feeling really down....I'm sure you guys are used to my down-days. My head was spinning and everything was pissing me off.. Le boo tried telling me jokes but they only made me sicker and madder. Just want to say to Leboo 'those jokes were actually very funny especially the one where you said we ladies think whoever men chat with has to be a girl and why she would be laughing at every of your jokes'...I really was listening..*kiss*. These things happen to me when I'm about to see my red signal...*CUT*... Why do we ladies have to go through 5 days of every month passing out blood that we are not even sure we have enough of?....if only guys can also see their period...on a second thought, that would be very disgusting and so I end that talk at this point *lips sealed*. Hehe. 

So while I was wallowing in self pity and so much frustration, my mood kept on getting worse. I had told Tito earlier I was hungry, I looked at him and this boy was contemplating what to seriously!. He put on a black vest that always make him look like a bouncer and he was asking if it looked nice and as I was about to say something sarcastic a thought just came, how about if I had the chance to be a boy for a day, what will I do? I'm sure you all want to know what I'll do.

 So I took a picture of me sometime ago wearing this funny makeup I did. Please do not laugh at me okay....

Here we go *rubs palm together* silly thoughts....*covers face*

First, I would flick my balls so hard just to see how painful it really is..I would do ‘jangilova epomoto' with it...I would play table tennis with it if possible. I mean all these boys be lying to us all the time about how painful a strike down there can be... so I want to feel it myself but if it is as painful as they say it is, I would lie down and try not to cry....haha. Crying is not manly shey?

Then I will sing in the shower trying to hit those baritone notes I never could. I really want to feel that adrenaline rush Leboo feels when he's trying to sound like John Legend in the shower *I must say doesn't sound close to John Legend's clone*...I love you huni *mwaaahhh*

Yes....Is there anything called a blue-ball? I want to find out myself. Do you know how many times a guy has told me this blue ball story and I believed. Who doesn't know what a blue ball is? Well it's an expression guys use a lot to describe some sort of pain they experience when they are so close to having sex and then you cut them short. I want to experience the blue ball(s)...hehehe

I would spend my day putting my new penis into as many things as I can. Let's see what it's like to jack off with mayo, into some pizza dough, how far I can make it squirt when I cum and every other trick possible. I would also definitely try to bang some of my girlfriends to see what it's like from a guy's perspective. I know that's a bad thought but I should definitely try it after all. LMAO..This is stupid aswear. I am shaking my head for me at this point.

Later at night I would go to a bar and drink to stupor then have some guy talk. I'll make sure all the guys talk about girls and maybe I can learn a thing or two from them. Who knows?

Yes that's some random thought... What would you do if you are given a chance to be the opposite sex for a day? I know some people would freak out. A guy friend of mine just said he would touch his breast all day. Like he would just stay at home, stand in front of his mirror and squeeze his breast. He said he wants to know what we ladies like about it...hehe. 

Well, I have tried ....I've said a whole lot of silly it's your turn....Let's read from you. What would you do if you were given the chance to be the opposite sex for a day?...I'm very eager to read comments on this one..LOL


ROTFL!!!!!! You see what I was saying? Well, if I were a boy for a day;
  1. I'll sag my trousers very very low..... I have to find out what joy these boys derive from sagging.
  2. I'll sleep naked and let everything hang lose, and by hanging lose, you know what I'm talking about na *winks*
  3. I'm going to drink one full bottle of alomo and see what effect it has on my dick..... These guys are always making so much noise about it and their libido.
  4. I think I may be a bisexual boy or just plain gay.... I love the sausages too much to abandon them for donoughts *shines teeth*
  5. I'm going to toast any fine girl with big ynash I see for that day.
So my lovely lovelies, what will you do if you had the opportunity to be the opposite sex for a day..... I can't wait to see your comments *claps hands in glee*

Stay Beautiful& Handsome


  1. **smiling** I remember the day I read this....I was kinda giggling...hehe....Honestly, I am not sure what I would do...buh mehnnnn.....the 'animal instincts' that everyone talks so much bout....I would wanna feel it...**shrugs**

  2. Lo_ol...... Erm, I don't think I ever want to be a boy for a second! When I think of the financial demands and all we make, I fear for them.

    1. You too worry babe..... It's only one day na, no girl will ask you for money that first day

  3. Hmm! I would have sex with a girl. And find out what that a guy climaxing actually feels like. All those 'shakey shakey', twisting, 'I want to come' face, something interesting has to be going on. Abi?
    In short what sex is from a guys perspective. Lol.

    1. Jesu!!!!! Funmi Reese!!!!! I will tell your mummy for you o

  4. hhhhhhahahhaha i will want to know what it look like sleeping withh older wome heheheh..

  5. I don't even knw wat i would do. Bt I'm curious as to how it even feels being a boy. Surely it would b different frm what I'm used to.

  6. Hahaha.... see my picture up there... I'm feeling like a celebrity...kai. Esther don turn me to celeb o...just like that... thanks mami. I have a feeling I need you in my compete with my craziness...hahaha. thanks mami


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