Thursday, March 12, 2015

WILL YOU MARRY ............?

Hallos my lovely lovelies......  Thank God it's Friday Sorry o, I'm just practicing against tomorrow..... How has your week been so far, I hope bombastic......

This morning on my way to work, I tuned in to Top Radio, 90.9 FM for the Tosyn Bucknor road show and it was their love section today. A lady had sent a message in saying her boyfriend's mum just proposed to her and she was confused as hell about it. So Tosyn threw the question to her listeners and I'm throwing the question here too:
Ladies; How will you feel if your boyfriend's mum proposes to you? Will you accept the proposal?
Guys; How will you feel if your mum proposes to your girlfriend? Will you be okay with it if she accepts the proposal?

# Strictly My Opinion
Well, I think it's a awwwww worthy moment, I mean the prayer of every girl is to have a mother-in-law who would love her like her own. This therefore means that Le Boyfriend's mum has accepted the relationship which is cool. But you see dear Boyfriend, if you think for a second that makes me your wife then you must be sleeping on a bicycle..... Is it your mother I've been dating? You see, it's a different thing if your mum does that and then you come immediately afterwards to do your own surprise proposal, I'll be very okay with it. But if you're hiding behind Momma's aprons and hoping to save yourself the stress of going down on both knees with my rock, and you're hoping your mum's proposal will suffice, then you my dear are not the man I thought I was dating. PERIOD!

My lovelies, please let me know your take on this matter on ground.....

Till the next time, Stay Beautiful& Handsome


  1. I think if the mom proposes to show how supportive she is or how much she loves you to be part of the family, that's flattering. But if she proposes on behalf of the guy because he doesn't have the courage or will to do it, that's sad. :)

    Lovely week so far?

  2. Wow!'s been a while....Okay so if I find myself in such situation...I will say a BIG NO......cuz it's not in her place mehn!....Howdy mamacita!

  3. That's a bit weird - might accept depending on the relationship. Hello darling, it's been a while!

  4. Lol well that be awesome but le boo will definitely have to get on his knees if he wants me to accept the proposal

  5. Lmaoooo!!!! Wawuuu!! This is new. I'll sha simply assume his mother was doing the pre-proposal for him sha. If not.....!!!!!

  6. Lmaoooo!!!! Wawuuu!! This is new. I'll sha simply assume his mother was doing the pre-proposal for him sha. If not.....!!!!!

  7. I would be confuse, won't know what to say. Still don't know what to say.

  8. Same here, I shall be confused. I mean, I am dating him nit the mother. I want to be sure he wants what he wants, hoping it's not mama doing the suggestions. Biko let him footage asking.

  9. That dude is a pussy joor.


  10. hehehhehehehheheheheheh Chisos!! this geh is not well oh!!! #YabaLeftCandidate loading **Runs away... aswear ehn you are not well! heheheheheh in oh my Days!!!! Your opinion was Epic on all levels aswear.. aha!! kilomade?! hehehehe No be small Sleeping on Bicycle oh! issorait.. First off ehn!! if My mother proposes on my Behalf (Which nature has made impossible by default **Cleans lone tear).. na my mama go marry the babe.. aha!! kilode?! is my mother in my head ni?! Does she know why i havent Proposed to the geh all the while! Does she Think Marriage is Owerri 30 naira Bread and Indomie?! No oh!!! I cant fit to accept it!! I mean it is a relationship between the Bubba and I, and not the Bubba and my Mother nah.. Abeg oh! I will not be happy about it sam sam.. Oh well, i guess thats me, some guy might not have the balls enough to do so hence dilly dally all the while and his mother grew the balls for him.. hehhehehehe, and hence his mama helped him.. all in all no be to marry?! If she is the one for him, then let him in kontinHu.. but a s for me and my Household faaaaa.. We shall not agree oh..

    Turn Down for what mbok?! It is impossible to visit Esther Koko's blog without being happy.. Down here yeah, Happiness is like an infection.. and the crowd goes.. Uuuuuuuuuu...

  11. hahhahha it happened ti a freind of mine, her man's mum proposed to her, this was on behalf of her son who lives in yankee. She said yes ooo... but now they are not together tho. This thing still happens oo. Long time doll

  12. If momma's proposal comes with a diamond ring, I say yes. But baby boy has to come with a ring also. See where I am going with this?
    OK, off to the market. To sell them both!
    Seriously though, I wouldn't know what to say oh.
    How you doing sweetie?

  13. I can imagine my bf's mum propose to me....*vomits* it iz not awww anything. She can playfully say Moby marry us na but she bringing the ring...hell no. Let baby boy and momma come together...not mama coming alone abeg.

    Hello love


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