Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hey my lovelies..... It seems like I start or end every post with an apology these days shey??? I'm very very very (make that very x100) sorry I ran off again even when I promised I wouldn't do it again.
P.S: This May be my shortest post in the history of blogging but considering the fact that I sneaked out of work to post this, you just have to forgive me.
The purpose of today's post is to say a very big thank you to the whole lot of you. Thank you for refreshing this page even when I didn't post.... Thank you for dropping comments even though I don't remember to reply....... Then the biggest thank you to all of you for the love you showed me on my birthday, on Friday; the calls, texts, emails, blogposts, the love on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook were overwhelming and I'm glad to call you family. May celebration never cease from your lives in Jesus name.
I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to show you o cos I really didn't mark it o so nobody should ask me for cake again o.
Till the next time I blog again, Stay Beautiful and Handsome

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  1. Hian!!! Esther koko We shall not gree oh! In short we "SHANT" gree... How can you say that we shall not see picshurs of one of the most beautiful bloggers that we know.. No oh! Mbok.. Berra come and edit this post telling us the day we shall ""saw" see and seeth the Birthday pichsurss, esspecially the one with a certain Tonye.. **Winks.. Happy birthday in arrears bubba, my Am i glad you Turned up, and that I met you...m I was reading www.funmireese.blogspot.com minutes ago, and was thinking about you. Dunno if i have said this to you before yeah.. But you do have a wonderful Spirit bubba, and it draws us to you like a magnet.. Please keep being you and keep being true.. Oosssshhheey
    Turn up! :)


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