Friday, June 20, 2014


Hey my lovelies!!!!!! I'm so sorry I'm posting this late. Woke up with a bad tummy, and there were too many things to do. I am still drying my hair as I write this sef. How did your week go?
I am of the opinion that if there is a survey of the minds and dreams of every girl between the ages of 3-25 and probably older
if unmarried, about 75% of the results will be dreams or thoughts of their wedding day. Even the "tomboys" have these dreams. Heck! I know some dudes (I mean straight dudes) who dream of their wedding day. I have tons of wedding pictures and gowns and themes, sometimes I begin to imagine myself as a wedding planner (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me).
Who wants to pass up the opportunity to be a queen for one day? The frills, ball gowns, snow white dresses, the fuss and extra attention, the way dad's jaws drops when he sets his eye on her, the awe in her man's eyes as she walks down the aisle to meet him? I wouldn't give that up for the world itself o.
When I was young I used to think the only reason God created Saturday was for the sole purpose of weddings. Every Saturday, my Granny and I would dress up in our very bests - for the days I wasn't on the bridal train sef- and go from one venue to another for weddings.
These weddings had a lot in common; family members fighting over food. But what struck me the most was that the brides were always stressed and some looked it, some were even sour to be around during the preparations for the wedding. You could see them light their faces with fake smiles when people came around the high tables to congratulate them.
To a 7 year old, this was all the shades of weird, cos to me, your wedding day is supposed to be your happiest day on earth. At one of the weddings, I asked my Granny why the brides were almost always sour on their wedding days, and looking back now, I can imagine the stress she went through to explain in simple terms to a 7 year old what wedding jitters were by telling me how much stress the brides went through to make the weddings successful (those were the days when wedding planners were extinct sha ). I can still remember telling her, "that one is nonsense o!" Now that I'm grown, I still haven't gotten my head around the wedding jitters ish. But the sour-faced brides haven't changed either.
Last month, my friend called me and our other friends over to her house to tell us Le Boo proposed. We were thrilled, oohing and awwing over the ring, and about five (5) of us were talking at the same time, picking colours, styles, the train and all the rest. All of a sudden, La Bride was crying! I rolled my eyes a million times in my head and my "inner goddess" was like, "OK! Babe, can you tell me why exactly you are being dramatic?" I didn't ask her anyway share (before you people will say I'm mean) cos my "subconscious" - the kind part of me - spoke first.
Then she started going over the otherwise little details of how she would pick the wrong dress and the priest wouldn't let her enter the church, how her dress would tear or how her car would breakdown and she would be late for her own wedding as she always is, or how her hubby would not show up for their wedding. We finally calmed her down *whew* and we all went home.
When I got home, I started going over my day in my head, and the scene in her house started replaying in my head. In the scene, I was La  Bride and hysterical me is definitely violent. I started going over the supposed little details I scolded my friend for and some more sef. At that point, I heard Granny's voice from years back telling me about wedding jitters and then I finally understood.
I was jolted back to reality by Pharrell Williams' Happy   (my ring tone) and it was The Boyfriend *whew*, Thank God!!!!!!!

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