Monday, December 15, 2014


My people hello...... How did the weekend go? I hope y'all had madt fun o.... I'm waiting for the pictures o....... Meanwhile I have a new favourite song *hehehehe* It's Blank Space by Taylor Swift. 
 Welcome to the 51st week of 2014..... I pray that this penultimate week of the year brings everything you've been asking God for from the first day of the year.... Amen.
Okay *rubs hands* today, I want to introduce a new Web Series here.... It's my own novelette (I think I can call it that), and we would be running it for the next 3months I think..... so don't miss any episode......

The Diary of a Daddy's Girl, is a story following the life of Shontelle Kamsiyiochukwu Eze; her work, her relationships and her entity....... It premieres next week Monday and has 12 episodes for this season, there might be a continuation or something (abeg i don't know again) but until then stay tuned to this "station"



  1. Now this is what i need to watch out for lolol Good one

  2. Hiya Mamacita...So 3 months huh?....Alrighty!..Fingers Crossed...Bring it on...hehe

  3. Fingers are crossed babes! But I think. I've come across this one one blog sha

  4. Love your blog title - catchy and feisty!

    I read your post on insecurities. I agree with much of what you have said. I like your use of scriptures. I hope it blesses many more who read it.


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