Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hallos my lovely lovelies..... my Oga Bosses and Madam Bossettes.... How market na? I hope y'all have started the Christmas shopping o cos I haven't. I'm still waiting for Santa Claus to drop the things I asked for on the first of December.
Anyroad, on Tuesday I was on Bella Naija for my weekly dose of Isio Knows Better, and this post was up,Some Little Humans. As usual, the post was entertaining but then a story there struck me and I decided to bring it here so we can talk about it;
Ehen, my people! I heard this gist o, over the weekend.
The gist was told of a little boy of six who was the son of a millionaire (wait, scratch that, billionaire… because millionaire is Naira is nothing so extraordinary these days).Okay, so this billionaire’s son was to be picked up from school, and the driver had turned up in the family’s Toyota Camry to pick up Nna Pikin. Only for the little one to look with disdain at the car the driver rolled up to his school in, and then he told his father’s driver that he would not be riding home in that car.He said in his baby voice please-please-what-is-this? Goan-bring-the-jeep-no-way-am-I-riding-in-that!Wait first, let me tell you what the father did after the driver called him to report the issue to him. The father said, “Oh, that’s alright. You come home immediately and get the Porsche Cayenne for him to ride in…”

Oh! Dear child of mine, if they born you well, dream of this. First of all, I know that no biological child of mine would dream of this, but if you do, this is what will happen in the dream. 

  1. I will pay the driver extra to just park and be looking at you. You go stand for that your mumu school until all your mates have gone home. You will stand there ehn, until you apologize to the driver and then you will know that origin and palmwine are different.
  2. Then when you get home, I will flog migwo vrendo into your body. Since you say you no wan get sense, I go beat sense put for your brain.
  3. For the next 2 weeks, you will go to school with public transport if your school doesn't have a bus.
But in all sincerity, I think there are more rude children everywhere than ever. I went to Ikeja City Mall 2 weeks ago and I witnessed a very funny fight between a mother and son. They were walking along the aisles, and the child was throwing virtually everything into their trolley. When the mother objected a fight started, the mother would pick out whatever he threw in and replace it on the counter, the boy would pick it up and throw it back in. It went on and on like this until the boy started to wail and hit his mum and then she gave in and started to pick the things from the counter. You know the irritating part of it all, the father was behind them all this while, and was just looking at them. See i was angryyyyyy. I was boiling. Who born me well to cry for public cos they didn't let me pick what I wanted. In fact, a trip to a supermarket was mini excursion, you have to be quiet and only touch what you're asked to touch.

This was the same thing I was crying about in my 3rd post on this blog here and it's getting more annoying by the day.
Anyroads, lovelies, what would you do if you were the parent of that child? Do you think parents are not doing enough or are the children just becoming more obstinate and rude on their own?


  1. We all have our own kids of rich or poor parents...whether it is refusing to wash plate, manually grind pepper, insulting the house help, or wanting to b driven in a better car u know ur dad has!!! As is with all exuberances, we over grow them...eventually...and this a parent is old and wise enough to understand...most times!

    1. Hmmm! Another school of thought.


  2. Sigh
    Nne the matter ehn! I think the way the kids are brought up too has to do with their uncouth behaviour.
    My kids will be placed on allowance and I won't tolerate rude behaviour from my kids To domestic staff

  3. Esther you are so funny. have always bn reading without dropping any comment Bur really u need to know ya very good @ds. you'd pay ur driver extra to park n watch. lol.

  4. I saw one funny picture too of a little boy telling the mother to bring a glass of water for him. Young boy was by the TV watching something and apperaed so engrossed. The mother asked him to come get it himself, but he was adamant, asked the mum to help again. Mother said, "if you repeat, I'll slap you". Guess what the boy said...he said, "when you come to slap me, bring water for me". I don die, dem no born me well ask my mama or papa that kain thing. The sort of training I got ehn, I still find it difficult to send people younger or lower than me in rank on errands. I will stand up and do it! We need to firm up on disciplining our children and ward lest we lose all these great values of respect for humans, politeness and that simple gratitude nature, knowing to say thanks.

  5. As I was reading dis I was even angry sef. Well I would kill such a child. I can always born another one. No need to even caution or reprimand.


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