Friday, December 19, 2014


Hallos loves.....  TGIFF.... 6 more days to Christmas mehnnnn.... I'm already salivating in advance for the kind food I wee eat this Christmas break.
Anyroad, we have a guest post from Buiti Christian of Fashionitaz by Buiti.... So sit still and enjoy

Hello its Friday!! TGIF * dancing*
I get so excited when it's Friday and I know you do also, knowing that it's weekend already lol....
This morning I was swapping my handbag for another that fits my outfit, so I poured out everything from my handbag on the bed and i found out i was carrying some "unusual items" in my handbag that some people wouldn't. I call them "unusual" because i know in my Sister's and my Friends' bag you wouldn't find any of these things in them.
For me, these items are necessary and they come as a savior in my times of need.
Below are the list of items i found in my bag;

Super Glue:
You might be wondering "why does she have this in her bag?"  Has your shoe ever embarrassed you in a  gathering or the your heels suddenly give way ? Well I have, and this has helped me out of those situations and made it look like nothing happened. Ever since then I have always kept one in my bag.

Pads/ Tampons:
Sometimes even when you do the maths for your menstrual cycle, the 'RED ROBOT'decides to show up a day or two earlier than you calculated. It is advisable to always carry a pad or tampon in your bag just so you prepare yourself for your 'monthly visitor'.

This is specially needed for those who have painful menstruation. Instead of looking all moody at work because of painful menstrual cramp this should help relieve the pain. As well as those headaches that come without warning too.

Needle and Thread/Pins:
I remember one day on my way to work, a stranger walked up to me telling me that i had a tear on my skirt., you can imagine the look i had on my face. I quickly got to the office, rushed to the toilet took my needle and thread and sew my skirt. Then again i thought, what if i didn't have this in my bag? hmmmmmm.... This can also help if your buttons pops out without warning.

Elastic Band:
I have well over 10 of them in my bag. I use it to tie stuff together and also to pack my hair when i forget my hair scrunchie at home.
I love Nigerian dishes yep! Because I am Nigerian and because no other food tastes better plus it's more nutritional than our others. Sometimes after eating a bowl of "fufu" you find out it leaves your fingers with its signature smell. Others might opt for a hand cream but i rather use a sanitizer just so my hands are thoroughly clean and smells fresh too.
Almost everyone has this in their hand bag. You know those times you eat some certain kind of food especially those Italian and Chinese spiced dishes (garlic) and it gives you an awful breath? lol it happens to everyone of us.  A good mint will do wonders in no time.You don't want your mouth smelling when you talking to someone hehehehe (sorry i have eaten my mint half way *covers face*)

There you have it!
What are those unusual things in your handbag?
Do you have any of the above items?


  1. haha I was wondering why she has glue in her bag but then I remember my sandal has embarrassed me once lol.. I do have gum and hand gel in my bag too :)

  2. lol... i ALWAYS av robb and blade in my bag...

  3. Esther doll.. I see you mwah!!

  4. I was have sanitary pad and sanitizer with me.... nice one buiti

  5. I just joined your site on GFC. You can join mine too when you have the time. Have a great week.

  6. I need to be putting glue,oh, my shoes has embarrassed me wells

  7. Lol. I'm laughing bcz der is nothing dat is not in my bag. As long as it fits it will enter. Ranging frm umbrella to makeup.


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