Thursday, December 04, 2014


Hello.... Hello..... Hello....... Wattaguan lovelies...... How have you been enjoying the first week of December so far? I hope all the blessings don dey show small small o.....
Well, when i came back from my sabbatical, i promised y'all a photo post shey? It's here.... feed your eyes o cos e go tey before my picture show for here again. Meanwhile, brace yourselves cos this post use style long

Uniben decided to wait till after i finished youth service before they deemed it fit to arrange my convocation ceremony..... Well, I couldn't say no to time off and a change of environments, so I carried my bags and off I went to the Ancient City of Benin...... here are some of the pictures from the week I spent in Benin;
L-R; Ame of My Thoughts to Screen, Me, My Mum, Nekwu and the famous Ada

When we decided to take a selfie; i had to goof 

Wherever we are gathered, a turning up activity must take place

That gown dey give maaadt heat ehn

I sha had to look ghen ghen

Moi et the famous Ada

Me and my number 1 man, Le Boyfriend of life, My daddy love.... I look like him shey? 

I had to stretch to press my kid sister's shoulder down.... the girl grows an inch everytime i see her

Our Mums in their "unplanned" touch of red; I bet you can't guess who is whose mum
My only #ConvocationSelfie

I'm going to gush on and on about my sister's wedding till forever o... my sister was a beautiful bride mehnnn and the wedding was just as beautiful. I intend to do an exclusive feature on the wedding once I get the professional pictures so manage the ones I have....

Thank you for the past 10mins of your time [in Duru's words]



  1. Your sister looks stunning.
    The pictures are beautiful!
    Congratulations on your graduation.

  2. Congratulations on your graduation and big Sis.' wedding. You all looked so beautiful.

  3. Esther, biko you a fine girlsssss mwahh . Congraz

  4. Big sister from where?

  5. Congrats on your convocation dear. Your sister is looking so pretty, wishing her all the great things marriage has to offer

  6. Congrats to you, and your big sister, dearie x

  7. First and foremost @the first pic, you know your own left to right is the opposite of we reading...see the way I was looking at my left hand to be sure who is who...take your time o. Then you mum is hot...kilode? Is it that mums all over the world have decided to be fine. But how come you are yellow and she's black. Thirdly, your sister is fine o. Kai... why didn't you invite us for the wedding... Lastly, what kind of school is uniben? Convo after service. Na POP una go do for school. ...hehe.

  8. Congratulations on ur convocation. I love the glasses. Your sister is really beautiful. I wish her a HML...


  9. wow congrats, looks like a blast!


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