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Good morning lovelies...... I'm so sorry I've been AWOL I promise it's for good cause... I've been out making money for us o that's why......
Today's guest blogger is my fellow petite lady, and I just learnt her name is Omowunmi (I likey)...... her post today is a sort of self therapy..... so sit, read, learn, comment, share and most importantly ENJOY.
Let’s try this as a group therapy scene: "Hi guys, my name is Petite Diva and I talk to myself".  Others in the group: "Hi, Petite Diva.
 For as long as I can remember I have always talked to myself. I know I must be crazy huh, it is amazing how I have not been dragged to see a psychiatrist for my odd behavior. But before you all commit me to the nervous disorder ward let me explain why I talk to myself.
I am an introvert, I rarely know how to say the right things at the right time (which is why I hate oral interviews) and I am quick to saying the wrong things when I am angry. But I have so many images in my head and *covers my face* when I am so engrossed in the images playing in my head I blurt out words (to my embarrassment).
Anyway while I am trying to work on my ‘talking to myself’ habit, I am currently reading ‘Dream Big Dreams’ by Brian Tracy and Andrew Wood (as my "improve my knowledge" challenge this year, I intend to read one financial/motivational/spiritual book in a month) and you won’t believe what they said.
According to Brian, Champions should talk to themselves and I am like ‘what?!’ That is impossible then I read the statement again and it says ‘don’t let anyone persuade you that talking to yourself (in a positive way of course) is a sign of mental illness. Most successful people use the technique to reinforce their strength of purpose’.
And I began to think about that statement and I realized that he might be right. Every time I have spoken to myself loudly or quietly in a positive manner I have been able to achieve what I wanted to. When I allowed fear to dominate my thoughts I fail because I panic and when I panic I don’t think. It is a fact that I have come to realize and I am working on.
When do I talk to myself?
  • When I have a presentation: I need to talk to myself a lot of times before I make a presentation because I am scared of public speaking. I practice with me, myself and I so that when i get to the stage to present, after the initial few minutes it doesn't seem so bad. Why? Because it feels like I am talking to myself. So because of my habit of talking to myself, I am calmer and don’t panic and hence I am able to think.
  • When I am angry: Like I said when I am angry my mouth runs like a machine gun. I would have said all sorts before I realized that I shouldn't have said some things. And then I begin to feel bad because of the things I said. I then realized that when I am not immediately in the presence of the person that made me angry and I talk to myself at that point, I begin to calm down.  So that when I confront the person, I speak calmly and state my point without having the feeling like I want to rip the person’s head off.
  • When I am having a writer’s block: Some days I have absolutely no idea what to write then something happens and I am talking to myself about it and light bulb!….i feel a post coming up. I continue talking to myself about it until I am able to write about it (this post was discussed in my head about a week ago).
  • When I am watching a movie: Actually it occurs more when I am watching all those telenovelas on Telemundo (you wonder who sent me message abi?). The actors and actresses can annoy somebody. And the script writers can be so mean, always killing characters. Can you imagine they are trying to tell me that Pablo and Emma are dead? What was that plane crash scene they showed all about? And people should be careful with all the plane crash scenes they are showing before I won’t decide not to enter planes again. *angry face*

Anyway apart from the last scenario (hey I watch telemundo especially now that I am on a government forced leave…lol) I believe my talking to myself habit has worked for me. I didn't understand that because I kept myself occupied I was able to dispel fear, calm myself down and get my creative juices kicking until after reading the book.

Now that I understand the power of ‘positively’ talking to myself, I am going to use as a motivational tool. When that fear of failure, fear of rejection or any depressing thought comes into my head and heart, I am just going to talk it away.  Just not aloud so that I don’t get dragged to you know where…
Hopefully you all enjoyed this post, I know, I know I am a bit crazy but hey that is part of what makes me who I am. So again, my name is Petite Diva and I talk to myself (in a very good way).
Thanks for reading my confession…..

Okay before I leave you guys, I must first apologize to Omowunmi for delaying this post...... she sent it about 2 weeks ago but I just didn't find the right time to post it..... By the way, I talk to myself a lot too.... In fact, I have all my conversations in my head first before the real ones......
So till the next time I see you guys, Stay Beautiful, Handsome& TALK TO YOURSELVES SOME MORE


  1. WOW! This is a very lovely post Omawunmi, I've started to like you because of this confessions they are really good and motivating (To me oooo) coz Some might find it funny and try to DRAG you to that PLACE....and you don't have to worry about that anymore lol, I gat my Goons to take care of you.

    Thanks for sharing and you Esther....lemme just forget about this one coz you just help me by posting this today, that is why am forgiving you.

    See you next time guys.


  3. Oh dear....Bola mami...I agree this is a pretty deep post...actually Tibs talks to herself alot too....Uhhhh you have no idea how much I talk to myself especially when I got something bugging me out....I just sit down comfortably and sometimes I pull up a chair close to me and I say, 'Holy Spirit, we need to talk now, the bible says I should bring my burdens to God, so we need to talk bout how much of these burdens you are gonna carry today and then tomorrow we'll talk bout the rest'....#yadiyadi...sounds crazy buh mehnnnnnnnn I feel better knowing that the Holy Spirit is there with me than talking to the wind....Lovely Post Petite...

  4. I read somewhere can't really remember that people who talk to themselves are intelligent people. I talk to myself too but in my mind, I'm too embarrassed to talk out because I'm always like what the h**l when I hear people talk out loud to themselves. I only talk out loud when I know I am alone and I'm staring in the mirror or in the bathroom.

    1. Lols, you're afraid they might take you to that PLACE.

  5. I talk to myself sometimes and it is very therapeutic. That last picture got me giggling. Esther dear, how have you been? make money for two.oo

  6. Lobatan!
    I developed hatred for people who talk to themselves because of my roomie, in fact she nags to herself and when she does I feel like slapping the living daylights out of her *sigh*

    1. Lol. Amaka and her roommates part 5.
      I kinda think you will miss them when you leave oh or maybe not.
      Yeah! Talking to oneself is common among intelligent people who like to have conversations with themselves to rationalize,analyse or motivate.
      This is mostly done in private though.

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  8. I do talk to myself too. Sometimes it scares people oooo
    Don't walk out on us again oo

  9. OMG!! Esther! I can't believe you actually put it up. Thanks dear. And thank you guys for your kind words....
    pre review of why men marry bitches

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