Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hallos once again my lovelies..... My second post for the day hehehehe.... You know the year is ending and I need to let it all out na..... 
Meanwhile, is it just my house that they wait till 31st of December and then have one kind massive clean up? Like, right now I'm already anticipating how much work I'm going to do tomorrow.... Momc has opened one unused room for clean up tomorrow..... SOS

This post was inspired by @mrxavierighorodje's instagram post. A little something about Mr. Xavier is that he's a very very very wonderful and captivating writer..... Back when I was in the University, he used to write scripts for the drama unit, and at least once, I was opportune to be casted in one.... hehehehe... I always wondered how he got the inspiration for his stories.... So you can understand when I say I had a professional crush on him... or should I say I had a crush on his brain? You sha get me..... Anyways, yesterday, he had that picture up and a series of questions followed the picture. I decided to take those questions as a base for my reflections on 2015.... Here they are;
  • What is God (or whatever you're serving these days.. lol) saying to you?
  • Top 3 lessons you learnt this year
When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.What is yours will come to you in due time; Just Wait.The only obligation you owe yourself is to BE HAPPY.

  • How many people are grateful they met you this year?
I wish I knew.... But everyday, I pray to God that everyone I come in contact with is blessed in one way or the other.
  • Top 3 goals for 2015
To be the best version that there is of me.To at least kick start my career as a publicist.To finally write a script.

  • What 3 habits do you want to develop next year?
A better praying habit.A better saving habit.A better giving habit.

  • What 3 relationships must you break or redefine next year?
My relationship with coke and junk food must be redefined..... we can't continue like this.I'm cutting off any parasitic or mutant relationship.Every friendship that isn't adding any good thing to my existence gats to go.

  • Which 3 people would you want to meet and learn more closely from in 2015?
I'm sure y'all can guess this already:
A) AtokeB) Isio De LaVegaC) Mr. Xavier Ighordje.
  • Which 3 people will you invest your time, money, wisdom and attention in 2015?
My family.All of you my lovely readers whom God has blessed me with.The rest of the world that truly cares about me.

  • How much money do you want to earn next year and how do you hope to earn it? 
Haaaaaa!!!!!! Plenty plenty plenty money o!!!!!! By legit means, anything I find worth doing, I'm certainly doing it.
That said, it's over to you lovelies....... 


  1. What is God saying to me?
    No limitation

    Top 3 lessons learnt?
    Nothing last forever

    How many people are grateful they met u?
    Can't think of any ATM

    Top 3 goals for 2015
    Improve/develop myself in the IT world
    Make more money

    3 habits I want to develop next year
    Always positive/optimistic
    Shun procrastination

    3 relationships I wanna break or redefine?
    I wanna redefine my relationship with myself,

    How much money do you wanna earn and how do you hope to earn it?
    I wanna earn a whole fvcking lot. I hope to earn it from legit hustles.


  2. Estheriii!! Your blog always makes me happy. I laugh everytime I read it as well as learn something new. Have a wonderful 2015

  3. Aaawwww! I wish you the best of 2015

  4. Esther mami, I wish you a happy new year eh....and this time, I will holla at you eh..

  5. What is God saying to me?
    -I am with you all the way, I've got your back Oyinlola.

    Top 3 lessons learnt?
    -No one else can make you happy except you
    -When you have knowledge about a thing and exude confidence too, people will trust you with anything and be able to put that same measure of confidence in you
    -With faith, I can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. This is the greatest lesson from the Bible for me this year...

    How many people are grateful they met u?
    -Duru Adolphus of http://duruadolphusjnr.blogspot.com/
    -withheld *grinning*

    Top 3 goals for 2015
    -Continue on my self-awareness journey
    -Make plenty more money
    -Write a book. Well this shouldn't exactly be a top goal but...

    3 habits I want to develop next year
    -Visualizing more, positive things mostly
    -Taking initiatives
    -Smiling more

    3 relationships I wanna break or redefine?
    -Break? Hmm..*thinking* I shall return

    Which 3 people will you invest your time, money, wisdom and attention in 2015
    -My sweets

    How much money do you wanna earn and how do you hope to earn it?
    -Plenty o. Loads of it doing something legit too, most definitely.

  6. Esther I am so grateful to have met a craze geh like you. I think you are amazing. Happy new year mami

  7. What is God saying to me?
    • Trust in me completely, let go...

    Top three lessons learnt.
    • DO NOT GO OUT OF YOUR WAY for friendship sake, some people are not worth it. I had to be burnt severally to learn that.
    • Do things today, do it now and won't have to do it tomorrow.
    • Be less subjective.

    Three habits I wanna develope:
    • My prayer life
    • Develope more handy skills
    • Exercise more

    How much money I wanna earn this year.
    • Hmmm enough to make me immesely happy and comfortable. Through doing thins that make me happy too.


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