Wednesday, December 31, 2014


31st of December here we are..... Still breathing.... Mehnnn Baba God is too much sha.....
Well, I've cleaned my outer skin away and cleaned enough to last my grandchildren.... Even my fifth generations won't need to clean again for the one I've done today.....
Okay.... Today, we have a guest post from AmeComplique of My Thoughts to Screen. Before we proceed, I have to inform you that this niggie has succeeded in putting me in trouble... You'll understand as you read....

Hello beautiful people,*insert signature scream* yesss I'm finally getting featured on this woman's blog!!! I promised Esther this post before she was born, she probably has 3 kids already. Exams, Essays, our long awaited convocation and this writer's block from my village are the reasons for the delay. To the matter.....
So, 2014 is almost over and it was indeed a very eventful year for me and since the year is coming to an end I decided to share a Confession/ something I learnt in the course of the year. Here goes…..
Sometime in the year around April/May a friend put up a display picture, with him and his friends, a friend of his in the picture caught my eye. Fine boy, dimples, bad ass smile, and he seemed like a six footer or more, I sha admired the brother for the three and half days the picture was there (please don’t judge me and I won’t judge you *in Chris Brown’s voice*). In any case it is safe to say I had a severe crush on the brother (yes a crush on a picture *I have already begged you not to judge*). Subsequently, my friend put up pictures with "the crush" in them and every single time I would have the "if only God could just give me this brother as the boo" wish (same feeling I get whenever I see my Liam Hemsworth :G). It took God’s grace to actually resist the urge of pouring out my soul to my friend. I dwelt seriously on the crush for quite a while, while I made up like 4,000000 scenarios of how we could possibly meet and what being in a relationship with the brother would be like in my head.
Just as the crush was gradually fading away, one very random Sunday evening in July I got an invite on blackberry messenger from an unknown name, I almost didn’t accept at first, but then I felt it was probably a friend from high school (the display name kinda looked familiar). I added him up and he was quick to say he got my pin from a friend’s phone, he introduced himself and the next day I found out he was the two month old crush. I was excited sha!!!! The Lord had finally granted me my wish.
We exchanged numbers after a day or two (which i'd never do normally), we talked a lotttt and yes he was very very intellectual (my thoughts: God had sent me what everyone was dying for on a platter). After about 2weeks or so we decided to go on a date (this was a first, only time I ever met with a "cyber" friend, it was after a year or more of plenty "cyber" talk). The date went very very well and no his pictures didn't lie. We got talking some more and went out once after that, after which he asked me to be his girlfriend. Typical me would have stalled for like a month in the name of thinking, but no o the kind of immediate reply ehn (I had literally been begging God for this all along).
 Everything was going very well, till he invited me over to his house (don't jump into any conclusion just yet). I had a very terrible feeling about it, but I managed to shake it off one kind. I decided to give my "boyfriend" a call to confirm our meet the next day and perhaps get an address. First, yes maybe "just maybe" I sounded kinda funny on the phone when I called because I was a little sceptical about going to his house. He said something I interpreted to be "if you aren't going to come over, let me know now cos I have better things to do" (again it was my own interpretation; not his exact words). In my pissed off state I said my goodbyes and went to bed. Well, the next morning I got dressed while I expected him to call/ text/ ping/ email/ write a letter/ send a fax or radio message, anything at all. Nothing!!! I tried calling but to no avail. I took it all as a sign from the most high, while I waited for him to call or anything later in the day. Well.... he didn't, I decided to call that evening, and NO he didn't pick up. And that was it..... I didn't hear from him until I decided to call him 2(two) weeks later. And yes it all ended after that call!
I know he’s probably reading this and laughing (maybe not), all said and done I learnt some very important things. Be careful what you wish for and the reason we do not get the things we wish for most times isn't because we don't deserve them but because they are not right for us or because the timing isn’t right. Another lesson I learnt was to analyse every situation I find myself with "clear eye" (an unbiased view). Now you Esther have to share a confession/something you learnt in the course of the year (I cannot embarrass myself alone), you can as well pass it on to someone else after you share.

Okay.... she has thrown the question to us o.... I shared the lessons I learnt this year, yesterday so it's your turn now....
Thank you AmeComplique for doing us this honour and wrapping this year up on a good note... I am therefore calling on my blog debtors.... Do not carry my post into the new year o, send me my posts now o... Moby, Ernie, Petite Diva, Vira, Yours Truly and co. Heed thee my word and send my posts o.
God Bless Us All.
See You In 2015.


  1. Hmm mm Lucky Dube said "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it".
    See, I've walked, jogged, run, etc in this shoe before so I can relate.
    Esther she asked you and you're asking us? Hian

  2. Hiya mami....I already sent in mine bout 2 mins check your email...I will come back to this post...Muah!

  3. I learnt to a lot *eyes Esther*
    Happy new year in adv

  4. Hmmm...on this very wishing matter, I completely agree. Be careful what you wish for o. Last year I had the same fleeting crush on a guy which was very unusual for me as he is a light skinned one but I never did a thing about it. Fast forward 8 months later, we met and he actually took a notice of me. He hasn't done anything untoward yet but I just realised I don't want the long haul thingy but to keep him as a casual friend.

  5. I've sent you a mail na Esther. Please check and reply me asap.
    The reason we do not get the things we wish for most times isn't because we don't deserve them but because they are not right for us or because the timing isn’t right....your friend is smart.... nice one

  6. Have new year

  7. I learnt so much in 2014. But no regrets.



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