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Hallos my lovelies...... How is your week been so far, I hope it's been going fine cos mine has.....
Today, we'll be continuing Series Tuesday with our discussion on ABUSE....... Today's focus will be on self abuse...... So sit tight, learn and enjoy 


Self Abuse is defined as the intentional direct injury of one's own body with or without us suicidal intentions. It is also the reproach of oneself.
Self abuse is negative and probably the worse form of abuse as you are both the abuser and victim. It is the most common and yet most unfamiliar form of abuse, because often times than not we do not even recognize the signs of abuse until the damage is done cos we wouldn't want to believe we would hurt our own selves.
Self abuse includes self harm and cutting oneself as a way of  coping with problems. Just as writing or singing are ways people device to express their feelings, some people cut themselves to express feelings they can't put into words, distract them from their lives, or release emotional pains; afterwards they feel better at least for a little while before the feelings return again and then the urge to hurt themselves come back.
Another form of self abuse is the emotional contempt and abuse. Often, we allow people into our lives who treat us as we expect to be treated. If for example, we feel contempt for ourselves or think little of ourselves, we may pick partners or significant others who reflect this image back to us. If we 
are willing to tolerate negative treatments, treat others negatively, then it is possible that we also treat ourselves similarly.
If you are a self abuser, you may want to consider how you treat yourself, what sorts of things you say to yourself; do thoughts such as "I am stupid" or "I never do anything right" dominate your thoughts? 
Learning to love and care for ourselves is the first step to stopping self abuse. There can never be too much love to give to oneself. Learning to love and care for oneself also increases self esteem and makes it more likely that we have healthier relationships. You also need to confide in someone to help yourself bearing in mind that no man is an island.

.............to be continued.........

So my lovelies, we'll call it a post at this point but feel free to share your experiences on self abuse either personal or from a friend's or family member's .
P.S: My laptop is apparently unhappy I complained about it so it has packed up so I'm back to blogging with my phone..... How sad *cries in Bini* Abeg my laptop benefactor shouldn't forget o!!!! Friday is closer than you think. In case you have to call me, my number is 08030564679..... Thank you very much.

Till the next time I see y'all, Stay Beautiful, Handsome and Say NO to ABUSE


  1. It's disturbing to know that this kind of violence happens. Sad. Hope this can be addressed soon or given enough attention so that it could be stopped altogether.

  2. There should be no excuse for any form of abuse. It is sad that the kind u address happens ever so often. Nice post!!

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  3. I knew people that cut themselves then in school, especially uf they just got dumped by their boyfriends. Its crazy!! I think they should have a forum were this people can be counseled.
    Thanks for this


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