Friday, January 08, 2016


Happy new year my lovelies!
I hope it’s not too late to say that? Abeg it’s not!
Welcome to 2016, our year of divine favor, amazing results, establishments and all the goodies we’ve asked God for.
I like to say I’m not the “New Year; New Me” kinda girl, I’m more of the “resolution making” kinda girl (Esther! That sounds confusing though)
Okay, this is it! Every time I pen a to-do list and make so much fuss about it, I end up not seeing it through. So I discovered a new way to myself accountable to me and somehow, my boss helped me develop it even though he’s unaware.
Every Monday morning, he mails me a list of things he wants done that week and on Friday evening, I’m to send a report containing the things I’ve done and the ones in progress. This means that for the report to satisfy him, at least 70% of the target must have been met.
Now, I started applying that to myself early November last year. I started by telling myself what I wanted to achieve or feel like at the end of the week, and then penned down a list of the processes I needed to take to get to that point. Of course, I fell off the wagon in December, cos that was prolly the most difficult month of my life but I pulled through.
So on the 1st of January, as I was scrolling through StyleVitae, I realized that I didn’t have any fashion or lifestyle goals….. Can you imagine? I immediately tore up my already prepared new year resolutions goals and processes, and included some lifestyle, fashion, food and health goals. Not every time career and spiritual life goals… sometimes, buying original Hermes bag is a goal. Abi what is the point of working and saving like an ant and have nothing to show for it?

You can guess what my new year resolutions are from the above can’t you?

There you have it my lovelies!!!! First of many posts to come in 2016.
Care to share some of your new year resolutions? I want to read them…. I really do.




  1. Happy new year... and I can't believe I am saying this but FTC.

  2. Oh my new year resolution is not to make any resolution because I think having goals and making resolves are different things but yes, I do have goals.

  3. Yeah smoothies are uber expensive but you can whip it up yourself!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I won't go away again, except on honeymoon or maternity leave you hear?

  5. I can see anything up there. Good thing your boss was able to help you achieve that


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