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Holla lovelies!!!! It's Tuesday again!! How did your Monday go? Hope it went well? Welcome to SERIES TUESDAY!!!!
Today, we'll be having the concluding part of REACTION DISORDERS. If you're just joining us, click here for Part 1 or Part 2.
Today's housewives are my favourite of the lot, and their coping mechanisms as you will see are positive ones. So sit tight, read, comment, share, lesrn, and most importantly ENJOY!!!!!
Perhaps the most reviled woman on Wisteria Lane, yet she never really understood why. Strong-willed and self-employed.  Edie was not your typical housewife, as she'd rather go out clubbing and hooking up with indiscriminate men than to stay at home and do the chores. Well known for her sexual appetite, Edie soon acquired the status of "neighborhood slut."
For a while, I used to think Edie was oblivious to her problems, and then I thought she was avoiding or living in denial about them, until I discussed her character with Otonye and she shed more light on this character for me.
The Happy Bird knows that as much as there are good times, there'll be bad times, and sometimes, the bad times may outnumber the good times, but the Happy Bird refuses time after time to be drawn under by his/her problems.
He is aware that he doesn't have a job, but instead of avoiding, denying, or worrying about it, or looking for someone to control to transfer the aggression, he finds some other ways to stay happy. He dresses up looking his best every morning and prepares for his interview. He doesn't go around blaming the universe for the rejection mail he got, but rather he focuses on preparing for tomorrow's aptitude test which happens to be his 24th test in 2 months.
Edie in my opinion, was probably the housewife with the most troubles. She was the divorcee, the one who couldn't keep a relationship, she was labelled Wisteria Lane's slut, she didn't have kids to cheer her up or keep her busy, she was the one whose house got burnt, but she still held her head up, and had fun in all of it.
The Happy Bird will have fun no matter what happens. I know it is very difficult staying happy in our present world. There are bills to pay, there are insatiable bosses breathing down our necks, there are these hyper kids to take care of it, the list is endless, but we can still find a way to be happy in all of these.
In Pretty Hurts by Beyonce, when Miss Third Ward was asked what her aspiration in life was, her response was, "To be happy". The outro of the song was,
When you're alone all by yourself and you're lying in your bed, reflection stares right into you, are you happy with yourself?
 Below are some of my favourite quotes on happiness:
Happiness is a form of courage. -Holbrook Jackson
All you owe yourself at the end of the day is happiness.  -Anonymous
The only person who can make and keep you happy is you. -Anonymous 
So no matter what you're going through, never walk with your head down. Hold your head up and find a way to be and stay happy. Being happy will help you keep your SANITY INTACT IN THE INSANITY OF THIS WORLD.

 A former top-model turned trophy wife, Gaby is a woman who gave up on her lavish life in New York to move to the suburbs in Fairview and adjust to a quieter, more settled lifestyle. At first she was bored, which led her to do something extreme with a teenager, but eventually the sense of friendship and family overwhelmed her, and Gabrielle found her happiness on Wisteria Lane, raising a family with the love of her life.  
The dictionary defines a go-getter as
an aggressive enterprising person
A go-getter sees a problem, looks past it, sees the solution and works towards it.
The go-getter never lets anything get in the way of getting what he wants. She encounters a problem, and the problem has to go down whether by hook or crook.
The go-getter is calculated and always calculating, planning what the next move is going to be, so that even if he is caught unawares, he doesn't get drawn under. The go-getter and the happy bird are somewhat similar, although the go-getter might become ruthless in the adventure to get or reach the bigger picture.
So my lovely lovelies, we've come to the end of our discussion on Reaction Disorders. I hope you weren't bored and you learnt a thing or two.
While we prepare for the next discussion, please lemme know which of the 6 housewives you are, or used to be and how you worked it out.
Till our next discussion, STAY BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME


  1. Oh well, I like to say the key to your happiness lies with no one but you! By the time you attach it to someone/thing, you become like a pawn on a chess board that can be tossed anywhere.
    That being said, I see I'm the go getter!

    1. I'm kind of a hybrid... A little Lynette, a lil Edie and a lil Gabrielle
      But i'm almost always happy

  2. You know, I just remembered that Eddie wanted every man on wisteria lane...hehe....You would basically jump on any divorcee, ex-boyfriend or even ex-friend....I remember when they kicked her out....hahaha.....and it's crazy that we got people like that in reality......buh you know, at the end of the day, it is all bout you like Amaka said...these women were looking for happiness or something for them to hang onto that would make them happy....not once did I see a scene where they showed self-contentment....they always wanted to know what Miss A got that made her happy and then they go look for that hoping that it would make them happy too....**shrugs** Life on Wisteria lane eh?

    1. Mami, we'll soon have life on Blogsville *shinesteeth*

  3. I like this and you right one has to learn to be happy at all time

  4. Being happy depends on you. You decide to be happy, the ball is in your court....you decide otherwise the ball is still in your court. You should never attach your happiness yo something or someone. I've nit seen this series though. I should download it. Wassup mami

    1. Babes, it's 8 seasons o!!!!! i watched it all sha
      I'm doing great... u?

  5. I am more of gaby and susane and a little lynette. Happiness comes from the inside, you either choose to stay happy or not. The worst is to give someone the key to your happiness.


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